Day One at AFPM 2012

san antonio saturday 2012 IMG00268.jpg

Day Oneof AFPM starts undesirably early with a jet-lagged awakening long before dawn. Inthe idle hours before the start of the business day, I browse through the 37thAFPM IPC 2012 delegate booklet to see if anyone I know has an updated photo.

I see ourown Nigel Davis has his photo prominently on page 10, because he is themoderator for the first General Session on Monday: “Shale plays implicationsfor the global petrochemical industry – a panel discussion.” The session is at8.00-9.30 on Monday and I am planning to be there to support Nigel. At thisrate, the early start will not be any problem at all.

Thedelegate booklet had gone to print with the photo of Dick Cheney, before hisrecent heart operation. I understand that AFPM has confirmed the replacementluncheon speaker will be former CIA Director and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

I expectthere will be a lot of suits about today, as the conference attire is now “business”.At the Kolmar cocktail yesterday evening, the preferred attire for men was navyblazer and tan trousers, always popular for the US crowd.

It was ahot evening for standing around outside, and every slight breeze brought down ashower of pollen from the ancient spreading trees in the courtyard.

Duringthe party, news was coming out about the explosion at Marl, and there wasspeculation about which plant it was. By the time I was back at the hotel, the article was on ICIS news from our German stringer.

(photo:San Antonio panorama Saturday afternoon)



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