Photos: EPL in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia288.jpgsofia 1.jpgSofia3.jpgSofia2.jpgSofia IMG00299.jpgThanks to everyone at EPL in Sofia who asked why Iwasn’t writing the Blog any more, and expressed regret when I explained that:1) I have given it up and 2) I don’t have the time and 3) I have a proper jobwhich takes up quite a lot of my time …

So here we are again, and the Sofia EPL on 13-15June was really pretty good, with lots of sunshine after the dismal summer innorthwest Europe, and everything was nice and cheap. From the hotel to therestaurants, coffees and taxis, everything was laughably inexpensive. I kepttrying to pay for taxi fares with my 20 Lev note (10 GB pounds), but with typicalfares of 3 Lev, taxi drivers kept refusing to take it. The service leveleverywhere was very high, with everyone charming and helpful, with good Englishand lots of smiles.

The flights were cheap but, unfortunately, some ofthose who came through Paris lost their luggage, and still had not had it backby the end of the EPL. The market mood was pretty bad too, and a number ofaromatics traders were planning to join this week’s ICIS Phenol Conference tolook for ways into pastures new.

Most of our meetings were outside on the terrace,and there was time for a walk around the cobbled streets of the old city whilemost delegates were watching the Germany vs Netherlands match in the Euros onWednesday evening.

The EPL dinner had a good turnout with 152delegates, as you’d expect at a bargain €39 a head, and a perfectly short ten-minutespeech about business in Bulgaria followed by some wild folk dancing featuringflags, flower garlands and some fetching pointy hats.

I spent my remaining lev (and stotinki) on someBulgarian Delight (aka Turkish Delight) at the airport, which tastes like sweetrubber but seems pretty popular in the ICIS office.

Photos (the good ones are from Nel):

1 View of Sofia and mountains from hotel

2 EPL at the Hilton Hotel, Sofia

3 Meeting area on the hotel terrace

4 Sofia cathedral, Wednesday evening

5 EPL dinner entertainment, Thursday

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