I am now a commuter

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“You’llhate the commute,” my ICIS suburban colleagues warned me when I told them I wasmoving to work in central London.My new office is on the corner of Trafalgar Square (site of today’s Olympic Victory Parade),and it takes a fair bit longer to travel there each day.

Andit’s on public transport, so I will be catching colds and moaning about delaysand the expense and over-crowding…

Still,one week in, and I’m enjoying the time on the train to read. I like the tenminute walk over the new Golden Jubilee Bridge in the early morning. The viewfrom the bridge in the blazing sunshine every day in the last week has beenuplifting and energising.

Oncethe winter comes, I will treat the morning journey as if it is a day’s walkingin the Highlands of Scotland: sensible shoes, waterproof clothing with a hood,gloves. Between entering my office building and getting in the shiny lift inthe atrium, I will undergo a Cinderella-like transformation, emergingunrecognisable.

(Photo: view from the bridge, walking to work last week.)

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