The thrill of travelling light

travelling light.jpg

I am on a transatlantic flight the dayafter the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. I pass athletes from Brazil in the departures lounge, and awheelchair athlete for Team USAis boarding my flight just ahead of me. It has been a wonderful summer ofwatching the Olympics and Paralympics, and no-one wants it to be over.

On the plane I am going to watch “TheHunger Games” which I have just read, and “Game of Thrones” which I can resistno longer because now it is not just my family but all my colleagues who areraving about it.

For the first time ever I am flying longhaul with just carry-on luggage. It has demanded great discipline in thepacking. This is not at all the usual ICIS way, which requires an extensivewardrobe and a variety of shoes, a heavy laptop plus accoutrements, for ICIStraining a projector, and for conferences a batch of ICB magazines whichotherwise might get stuck at customs and miss the conference.


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