You can always rely on an air hostess


Itturns out that one of my colleagues is a trained flight attendant. She knowshow to deliver a baby, deal with drunks and passengers with flight-phobia, aswell as smile all day and put her hair up neatly.

Iwas on the same flight with her only once, when we flew into Berlin together for EPCA, and her luggagewas lost somewhere between connecting flights. I was unaware of her relevantbackground then, or I’d have been watching her reactions more closely.

AsI remember, she did not seem very concerned about attending a conferencewithout her luggage. She borrowed a jacket and away she went.

Notlike another conference attendee (let’s call him D) who found himself at APICin KL this year without luggage, and managed within three hours of landing toget out and buy himself a suit, two shirts, tie, shoes and full accessories -all later reclaimed on travel insurance.

(photo: Rex)


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