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ICIS group at AFPM 2013

Here we are again at the AFPM (aka NPRA) IPC conference in San Antonio, Texas. For more photos, click here for the AFPM interactive supplement: http://fmgstatic.ceros.com/icb/afpm/page/1    

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Official photos from EPCA 2012 Budapest

The Blog has selected a few photos from the official Picture Gallery on the EPCA website, taken at the EPCA Annual Conference in Budapest in October 2012.

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The journey to EPCA 2012 Budapest

Flying out of London Heathrow to any petchem industry event is like a works outing. It is the same 15 of us on the flight: ICIS, Shell, Noah’s Ark, Gantrade, INEOS, Tecnon, Clarksons, IHS. Probably there are others I don’t recognise.The ICIS suite for EPCA is in the Sofitel, one of the main conference hotels, […]

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EPCA 2012 Budapest – 2,486 signed up

Only 11 days to go, and the EPCA Annual Meeting 2012 looks like being easily as big as last year’s event, with 2,486 delegates already signed up.   The official number, which the Blog has taken from the EPCA website today, will probably exceed the 2011 total of around 2,500.   The conference takes place […]

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Another year of Chinese

Term is starting for Mandarin eveningclasses and I had better dust off last year’s work and see if any of it isstill lodged in my long-term memory. Of the class of eight, only two of usdecided to sit, and happily pass, the GCSE exam at the end of last term. My twospeeches on “My holiday […]

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Yahoo Messenger in the Air

Messaging via Yahoo Messenger (YM) is suchan established part of petrochemical life, particularly trading and reporting,that it is already old hat to be messaging with someone on a desktop, laptop ormobile phone. The Blog can still be impressed, however, by innovation on atheme, and it was definitely impressive to get a message the other day […]

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travelling light.jpg

The thrill of travelling light

I am on a transatlantic flight the dayafter the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. I pass athletes from Brazil in the departures lounge, and awheelchair athlete for Team USAis boarding my flight just ahead of me. It has been a wonderful summer ofwatching the Olympics and Paralympics, and no-one wants it to be over. On […]

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Comments are a private matter

Friendly or informative comments on the Bloghave always been welcome, so it is a matter of some disappointment that thecommenting function on the ICIS blogs has been switched off. It seems that theservers were being swamped with spam. If you would like to post a comment on aposting, you can take the alternative route and […]

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I am now a commuter

“You’llhate the commute,” my ICIS suburban colleagues warned me when I told them I wasmoving to work in central London.My new office is on the corner of Trafalgar Square (site of today’s Olympic Victory Parade),and it takes a fair bit longer to travel there each day. Andit’s on public transport, so I will be catching […]

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You can always rely on an air hostess

Itturns out that one of my colleagues is a trained flight attendant. She knowshow to deliver a baby, deal with drunks and passengers with flight-phobia, aswell as smile all day and put her hair up neatly. Iwas on the same flight with her only once, when we flew into Berlin together for EPCA, and her […]

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