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Starfuels acquires Excalibur Oil Brokerage

Oilbroker Starfuels has acquired petrochemical brokerage Excalibur, the Blog hearsat the EPL in Sofia on 13-15 June 2012. Starfuels,based in Nyon, Switzerland, is a new venture from the original owner and foundersof Starsupply, which will be “a global brand of physical-orientated niche oilbrokers,” the company annoucned. Theacquisition of Rotterdam-based Excalibur Oil Brokerage BV, now the […]

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The Blog is closed for refurbishment

The Blog is closed during April and May for refurbishment.

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PHOTOS: More from AFPM 2012

1 View of lobby of Marriott Rivercenter Hotel 2 Meetings in the ICIS suite, MarriottRiverwalk Hotel 3 AFPM General Session with Nigel Davis Tuesday afternoon and the final day’s AFPM meetingsare still going strong in the lobbies of the Grand Hyatt and the MarriottRivercenter. Outside it is another hot day, and delegates are leaving to […]

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1 AFPM Opening Reception Sunday. 2 In the ICIS suite 3 AFPM President Charles Drevna 4 AFPM Opening Reception 5 Nigel Davis chairing General Session Monday

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Chemical adverts #20: Dow’s roof garden

Roof gardens created by expandable polystyrene (Styrofoam) roofinsulation are advertised by Dow in today’s glossy AFPM special publication. Itis part of the continuing trend for petchem companies to promote the greencredentials of petrochemicals. The AFPM magazine, produced by ICIS, is being given away todelegates in the petchem conference delegate pack.  

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Day One at AFPM 2012

Day Oneof AFPM starts undesirably early with a jet-lagged awakening long before dawn. Inthe idle hours before the start of the business day, I browse through the 37thAFPM IPC 2012 delegate booklet to see if anyone I know has an updated photo. I see ourown Nigel Davis has his photo prominently on page 10, because […]

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Dog bites man at chemical conference

On my way back from registration for AFPM in the Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon, I run into Bernard who tells me that he is just back from the tropical paradise of Praia do Forte in Brazil, where he was attending the 6th EBDQUIM conference hosted by the Brazilian association of chemical and petrochemical distributors […]

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Thick fog on Saturday morning at AFPM

A thickpea-souper fog shrouds San Antonio as the jet-lagged early risers wake to theSaturday morning of AFPM (the conference formerly known as NPRA). A few suitsare already in a meeting in the breakfast room of the Marriott Riverwalk Hotel,but most delegates arriving a day early are focussing on going for a run on theRiverwalk, checking […]

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Boom sales of plastic petrol cans

It isboom time for sales of plastic petrol cans in the UK, after a governmentminister mistakenly advised people to stockpile petrol at home. The UK press isfull of articles about panic buying of fuel, dry petrol stations and domesticaccidents caused by petrol storage in homes. Onearticle in Friday’s FT reported “a 225% jump in sales […]

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Contagion on the long-haul flight to Houston

I feelsorry for the guy sitting next to me on the plane to Houston, with me blowingmy nose every five minutes. Still, right after take-off he falls asleep, andstays sound asleep for five hours. How does he do that? I’ve readthe paper, done some Chinese homework and then watched a couple of films. Thesecond one […]

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