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Yahoo Messenger in the Air

Messaging via Yahoo Messenger (YM) is suchan established part of petrochemical life, particularly trading and reporting,that it is already old hat to be messaging with someone on a desktop, laptop ormobile phone. The Blog can still be impressed, however, by innovation on atheme, and it was definitely impressive to get a message the other day […]

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The thrill of travelling light

I am on a transatlantic flight the dayafter the London 2012 Paralympics closing ceremony. I pass athletes from Brazil in the departures lounge, and awheelchair athlete for Team USAis boarding my flight just ahead of me. It has been a wonderful summer ofwatching the Olympics and Paralympics, and no-one wants it to be over. On […]

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You can always rely on an air hostess

Itturns out that one of my colleagues is a trained flight attendant. She knowshow to deliver a baby, deal with drunks and passengers with flight-phobia, aswell as smile all day and put her hair up neatly. Iwas on the same flight with her only once, when we flew into Berlin together for EPCA, and her […]

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In praise of the travel smock

Themulti-pocketed travel smock which looked so ridiculous when Janos modelled itin the office, is now getting mainstream media attention. “I’mnot going through security with you,” I told him when he showed it to me. “Youlook like a suicide bomber.” NowI read that the luggage restrictions on no-frills airlines have led to cannypassengers wearing as much […]

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How to survive no-frills flights

Bookingholiday flights on a no-frills airline is like an obstacle course. No soonerhave I finished congratulating myself on avoiding all the online extra charges,all the queuing, and all the airport stress hot spots, when the ground attendantgreets me with “Madam you have two pieces of luggage. You will have to payextra unless you can get […]

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Sunrise over Heathrow

Thegood thing about a business day trip from Londonto mainland Europe is that you can travelultra-light. Just a presentation on a memory stick and some business cards andyou are done. Itis an early start, but the backroads to Heathrow are bright with cherryblossom, forsythia and magnolia. Mist is coming off the agricultural fields aroundSunbury. Closer […]

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Camel Smoking Lounge

In Zurich airport I bumped in to my friend Philip L who was coincidentally there for a Euromap meeting. We were both rather taken with the unintentional silliness of this sign. Click here for more debate on the Camel Smoking Lounge.

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Combining business and pleasure

The US Customs and Border Protection declaration form asks the question: “The primary purpose of this trip is business: YES/NO.”   Most business travellers find that it is only once in a while that they are able to combine the two. Usually school holidays are the limiting factor, and trips to desirable places rarely coincide […]

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Journey to Derby

Thereis nothing like an extreme snow warning to keep the motorways nice and clear.The drive up the M1 to Derbywas a breeze with hardly any traffic and the fields on either side picturesquein their snowy coverings. TheBlog does not spend much time on motorways, so on these rare occasions it isimpressive how much service stations […]

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BOOKS: Lost on Planet China

Pollutionand imaginative foods are the key impressions which writer Maarten Troost takesaway from his travels in China, in “Lost on Planet China.” I know him from his “The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the EquatorialPacific“, so his exaggeration for comic effect is not unexpected, but hisobservations on the air quality in Beijing, Shanghai and […]

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