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Houston scorn for American Airlines

Our Houston petrochemical readers will enjoy this musical dig at American Airlines, which I’ve just seen from our fellow bloggers at Airline Business. From The Arrow – Classic Rock 93.7FM in Houston, it stars the station’s morning show hosts Dean and Rog in a parody of “American Woman” – featuring the immortal lines “I have to get to Baltimore/but now I’m sleeping on the airport floor.”

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NPRA – the journey begins

An empty flight is a joy to mankind. The vacant seats and the lack of visible activity make the ten-hour flight from London to Houston, Texas an entirely stress-free experience. Best of all, we nip through the dreaded arrivals hall and immigration in a matter of minutes instead of the usual hour’s zigzag queuing.

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Airline merger between Continental and United now unlikely

Hot news from our fellow RBI bloggers here at Airline Business today. A possible tie up between Continental, every Houston chemical player’s favourite airline, and United Airlines, is probably not going to happen.

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Moscow hotels most expensive – official

Moscow tops the world’s capitals in terms of hotel room rates, according to our fellow RBI bloggers at Travel Weekly. Here is the top ten from a survey out today by of the average price per night and increase/decrease from 2006 to 2007. The Blog isn’t so sure about what you’ll get for your money in London at £115.

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Thoughts on early morning flights

On the perimeter road of Heathrow there is a stretch where you look straight into the lights of six approaching aircraft coming in to land. In the dark blue dawn sky, the hovering white lights look like alien craft amassing for attack. This week I have three 5.00 am starts, and this is the second. Is this what beauty queens mean when they say they want to travel and be happy?

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Foster’s Beijing airport opens today

Another fabulous polycarbonate roof goes on display today with the opening of the new Beijing airport, designed by Norman Foster.
“The largest building in the world opens ahead of schedule and in time for the 2008 Olympics”, according to an article today in Building.

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Avoid the corporate jet

BP is selling off former chairman Lord Browne’s Gulfstream executive jet, under “new broom sweeps clean” chairman Tony “Hairshirt” Hayward.
If there’s no such thing as a free lunch, as they say, you can be sure there’s no such thing as a free trip on a corporate jet.

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Houston petchem favourite sushi business lunch in peril

The favourite business lunch of the Houston petrochemical business community may become a thing of the past, now that food inspectors have found tuna sushi in New York City stores and restaurants containing so much mercury that at most of them,

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Business travel tips: How to survive a plane crash underwater

January is a quiet time for chemical business travel. We don’t hold ICIS conferences or training seminars in January, because everyone is busy at their desks planning out their year and readjusting to work after the holiday period. And after seeing the video on this blog from my fellow-Barbara on our sister publication Flight, I […]

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Advances in Business Travel – Seatbelt Design

My friend Steve Mitchell on the ICIS fertilizer desk has returned from his business travels with news of developments in car design. Steve fancies himself a bit of a driving connoisseur, with his sleek new Audi A6, and he has been raving about the new seatbelt design since his return to the office. I’m not […]

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