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Travel nerves – living with the terrorist threat

Passing through Frankfurt airport recently, site of the recent terrorist attack on US troops where two were killed, we were more concerned with finding the exit for Deutsche Bahn (DB), than watching out for signs of danger. In fact it was considerably later that the thought even entered my head.   Living in London, and […]

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The business traveller’s workout

The idea of using suitcases as props for an airport workout is anathema to this Blog. Committed to the concept of travelling light and getting to a comfortable chair as quickly as possible, the Blog is appalled to read about:   The gorilla press – lifting a suitcase with both hands over your head then […]

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Fukuoka hotel travel tip

A travel tip. The Blog would like to respond to last week’s rhetorical but prescient question: “How bad can a Hyatt in a hot springs resort be?”  Well …   We can’t say we’ll be sad to see the back of it, and it’s still hard to believe it is a real Hyatt.   Just […]

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Speculation on the way to APIC

As we travel towards Fukuoka, we pick up an entourage of chemical travellers. Expectations for the conference are mixed.   One conference speaker was told by APIC a week ago that registrations were lower than expected, at just over 1,300*, so the print runs for conference programmes had been reduced.   He also observes that, […]

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Taxi heaven

I love this cab firm. When I call they answer the phone with “Hello Barbara, how are you today?” When I tell them I’d like to book a cab, they tell me my address. It works every time.   I’d thought that was the height of perfection for a cab firm, but now they have […]

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APIC Japan – industry turns out in support

At last, after weeks of on-off-on-off discussions with fellow petchem travellers, we’re on our way to APIC in Fukuoka, Japan.   After weeks of wanting to support the event but not wanting to go pointlessly, if everyone else was staying away. And after weeks of expecting it to relocate somewhere else, ideally Singapore, and cross-checking […]

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EPL Copenhagen runs into hotel problems

The Copenhagen EPL meeting set for June at the Marriott Hotel on the Kalvebod Brygge waterfront has run into problems with hotel bookings, according to an email warning from EPL to members today.   Delegates are already grumbling that they have been unable to get bookings for the night of 15 June 2011, ahead of […]

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Perfect nails for the perfect flight

A departure gate manicure is just the thing to fill the dead airport time between the so-called fast bag drop and take-off. One drawback is that it’s about double the price of the high street version, but worse than that, is being left in the airport with half-dry nails.   No matter how many chemicals […]

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New places to go in San Antonio

Greetings from San Antonio, Texas where it’s a hair-curling 32 deg C at 7pm on Friday evening and the Riverwalk is busier than a mainline London train station at rush hour.   The NPRA banners are flying side by side with the NCAA basketball banners on the street lamp posts.   Ignatio S was here […]

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Designated driver on the road to San Antonio

How can it have happened that I am the designated driver for the road trip from Houston to San Antonio for NPRA?   I’ve always managed to cadge a lift (ride) before, but this time I have been out-manoeuvred.   This is bad news for all concerned because: I don’t like driving on the other […]

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