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Russian fertilizer billionaire facing “biggest divorce settlement in history”

The wife of a Russian fertilizer tycoon is demanding $6 billion in a divorce settlement which is set to be the largest in history, according to an article in the Daily Mail. The secrecy-loving billionaire made his fortune from the Uralkali potash mining company, and is estimated to be the world’s 79th richest person. He […]

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Boy George in Budapest

Singer Boy George was checking in to the Hilton on the Fisherman’s Bastion in Budapest on Friday evening, as we passed through the lobby on our pre-EPCA stroll round the city.   The celebrity was clearly ready to turn in for the evening, but patiently signed autographs for a group of waiting fans before being […]

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Luol Deng in Southern Sudan

Luol Deng, basketball superstar, returned to the town in oil-rich Southern Sudan where he was born, I heard in a moving BBC Radio 4 documentary during the holidays.   It was the moving story of his family’s escape from the civil war in Sudan, to his childhood in the UK, and his basketball career in […]

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ZZ Top on flight to Houston

The Blog turned into one of the paparazzi on spotting ZZ Top (Zee Zee Top) returning home from their European tour on the flight to Houston today.   They looked quite cheerful as the celebrity minder girl from Heathrow marshalled them through the VIP extra-fast track, but the Blog couldn’t help but notice that the one […]

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Dallas Cowboys and Southwestern Fertilizers

What’s the connection between the Dallas Cowboys American football team and fertilizers? It sounds like the beginning of an off-colour joke, but no. Our own Carl Roache has spent the weekend in San Antonio, Texas for the annual Southwestern Fertilizer Conference, and sends this picture to the Blog to show that the conference delegates are not the […]

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David Beckham loves Lego

    David Beckham is obsessed with Lego, he told the world in a live interview on Yahoo on 14 July, which I saw quoted in the Sunday Times today. Answering a question about what he would have chosen for a job if he hadn’t been a sports star, he said that he loved drawing and he loved […]

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Vivienne Westwood launches plastic kids’ shoes

Vivienne Westwood, rebellious fashion designer and long-term advocate of plastic women’s footwear, has launched a new range of Croc-style kids’ shoes.   Together with Brazilian footwear brand Melissa, she is selling the Westwood children’s shoe range at a pricey £60 a pair. They’ll be just the thing for the most recent crop of petchem babies […]

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Rick Wakeman to play at December EPL

Rick Wakeman, musician and songwriter, will be the guest performer at the December EPL, the Blog hears from a well-informed source on the EPL committee.   The news has already been greeted with pleasure and amazement by EPL members of a certain age, who remember Wakeman as the keyboardist in 1970s prog rock band Yes. […]

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Gerhard Schröder to speak at EPCA Budapest Luncheon

Gerhard Schröder, former Chancellor of Germany (1998-2005), will be the speaker at the EPCA Closing Lunch on Tuesday 5 October 2010 in Budapest.   His theme will be “Nine Billion People in 2050,” echoing the theme of the conference: “Nine Billion People in 2050: The Chemical Industry as Enabler of Solutions.”   The Blog’s word […]

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Hugo Chavez tweets about Venezuelan gas platform collapse

The collapse of a natural gas platform in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela was immediately announced by President Hugo Chavez on Twitter.   Despite having previously badmouthed Twitter as a terrorist threat, and having called for more state control over the internet, Chavez has now recruited a team of 200 aides to […]

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