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Chemical adverts #17: DuPont solar technology

Watching CNN for the morning news last week, while the Blog was in Budapest for ICIS training, there were continual adverts running on both mornings for DuPont. Most striking was this advert for the company’s solar technology, which is helping to power a sustainable city at Masdar in Abu Dhabi.  

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Lanxess red carpet for the G20 Summit

At the Cannes G20 Summit on 3-4 November, the heads of state are stepping out on a rich “red carpet” of asphalt, coloured by iron oxide pigments from Lanxess, according to a company press release today.   The city of Cannes has renewed 9,400 square meters of walkways and squares around the Palais des Festivals […]

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Evidence of caveman chemistry

South Africa’s Blombos Cave has revealed early paint and adhesive production, according to a report published on Thursday in the journal Science and picked up by the New York Times.   Cavemen used stones to pound and grind earth containing a kind of iron oxide to a powder, known as ochre. This was then blended […]

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The sound of hydrogen

Those of us with a passing interest in hydrocarbons might be interested in this little animation on the New Scientist website: “The sound of hydrogen.”   It is one of a series of one-minute animated films explaining basic scientific concepts, which I was lured into this morning by the tempting title “One-Minute Physics – How […]

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Dow funds London Olympic stadium wrap

Dow will make the fabric wrap to go around the Olympic Stadium in east London, according to this BBC article spotted by Nigel.   The wrap was originally to be the finishing touch to the stadium, but was dropped for cost reasons. Now Dow will fund the wrapper and will be allowed to advertise on […]

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A day of petchems, fine food and music

It was a pretty good day yesterday. First there was a morning meeting with an aromatics major player with Truong followed by a pleasant lunch on the South Bank. Then over to the massive Base Oils Conference in Lancaster Gate, followed by an early dinner at the Saatchi Gallery and in the evening a Paul […]

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Chemistry – a brand problem but all the beauty in the world

A blue plaque celebrating the life and work of the Nobel prize-winning chemist Sir William Ramsay was unveiled in London’s Notting Hill on Wednesday, as part of a series of events marking the International Year of Chemistry, I heard on Radio 4′s Today programme as I drove to work in the morning. Hugh Aldersey-Williams, writer […]

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Terrorist link to bottled water

Seeing a Baader-Meinhof terrorist entering court clutching a PET bottle, in a photo in today’s Independent, reminded the Blog that carrying a plastic bottle around all day has one key advantage: protection from malicious poisoning.   No doubt Ms Verena Becker, formerly of the Red Army Faction (which started as the Baader-Meinhof gang), chose to […]

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Volvic sugarcane waste PET bottle

Paying for bottled water in a country where the tapwater is perfectly drinkable still makes the Blog grind its teeth in irritation. So for UK folk who insist on carrying water around in case they expire from dehydration while out on a stroll in our cool and rainy climate, there is good news that Volvic […]

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Top 100 Chemical Companies

The new ICIS Top 100 Chemical Companies listing is published today in ICB, and it’s free at this link.   The Blog can reveal that the top three are: BASF, Dow, ExxonMobil.   “The ICIS Top 100 lists the major global chemical producers, ranked by sales for 2009. The Top 100 provides key financial data […]

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