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Plastics and sperm counts in headlines again

Scare stories about chemicals surface at the rate of about one a month, but this front page headline, “Plastic food tubs cut sperm counts,” caught the attention of my colleague Paul in this morning’s Metro.   He particularly liked the proximity of the headline to the photo of the three ageing Hollywood stars.   Skimming […]

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London 2012 Olympics feature plastics galore

The London 2012 Olympics will create a plastics bonanza, featuring miles of plastics piping, kerbing and stadium seating, according to a press release on 6 July from the British Plastics Federation (BPF). More appealingly, Hornby PLC, the models and collectibles group, has also secured a licence to provide official London 2012 merchandise across its Corgi, […]

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Asian Aromatics Webinar – FREE

Wondering how to fill the summer lull (Sommerloch) in the office? Sign up for a free 80-minute webinar on the Asian aromatics market on Tuesday 3 August, in the morning European time, or afternoon Singapore time. The key topics being discussed will be:   The key shifts in the supply and demand balance in Asia’s […]

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Robofish uses chemicals to detect pollutants

A robotic fish which detects harmful pollutants using chemical sensors has been developed by UK-based BMT Group. The sophisticated £20,000 ($29,000) carp “robofish” can swim individually or in shoals in slow-moving water in harbours and ports, and they communicate the data back to the control centre while replenishing their batteries at their charging hub. The […]

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Nylon pantyhose donated to Gulf oil spill clean-up

You couldn’t make it up. A pantyhose (tights, nylons) manufacturer has donated thousands of pairs of pantyhose to help clean up the BP oil spill in the US Gulf.   Hanesbrands is donating 37,500 pairs of pantyhose to Matter of Trust, a non-profit manufacturer of matting, and another 12,500 pairs to Sunshine and Shores Foundation, to […]

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BP oil disaster – chemicals to the rescue

Reading day after day about the devastation caused by the BP oil spill in the US Gulf, am I the only chemical obsessive wondering what “dispersants” these are, being used on the oil slick, and what “detergents” these are, being use to clean up the seabirds?   Maybe there’s an idea for a Mr Nice/Mr […]

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Chemical Party

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–As the beers are being chilled, the buffets piled high and the name badges laid out in alphabetical order, the first guests are edging warily into the opening parties of NPRA 2010.   To get petchem folk in the party mood, the video channel of the European Commission, EUtube, has produced a […]

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Arkema PMMA video

Arkema’s new webzine Enovmag has a video on PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) and some sexy French designers, posted on Twitvid on 19 March and spotted by Doris.  

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Flaming torches and pitch forks on ICIS news

I love Linda’s Top Story on ICIS news today, which has a great quote from one of her polypropylene contacts: “People are begging me for PP,” said a UK-based trader. “It’s like the end of the film Frankenstein, when the villagers come up to the castle with flaming torches and pitch forks – but all […]

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Weak hydrogen bonds produce materials stronger than steel

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Materials Science and Engineering have discovered the key to silk’s pound-for-pound toughness, which exceeds that of steel, according to the journal Nature Materials and reported today in an article on Nanowork News, one of the Blog’s favourite morning reads.   The scientists found that an unusual […]

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