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Coca-Cola moves massively into rPET

Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) will include 25% of recycled PET in its bottles by 2012, and is investing £5m in a jv plant with recyclers ECO Plastics in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire in the UK.   The 10-year joint venture will double the amount of polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) recycled in the UK to 75,000 tonnes/year, in time for […]

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PET bottles banned on Aussie university campus

PET bottles are banned from sale on the campus of Australia‘s University of Canberra (UC), according to this article spotted by Nigel in today’s Plastics News.   He was rather taken by the striking headline: “Strewth Bruce! Aussie university bans PET bottles,” which was a cunning pun on the fact that the UC is in […]

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Recycled plastic bottle boat arrives in Sydney

The famous Plastiki expedition across the Pacific in a boat made of recycled plastic has reached its final destination in Sydney, Australia. Since the Blog recorded it setting off from San Francisco in March, it is only fitting that we celebrate its arrival. (photo: Sky)

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Recycled Island – a holiday fantasy

Here’s a crazy idea. Why not take the mass of garbage floating in the mid-Pacific and build a futuristic holiday destination there? Rotterdam-based architects WHIM have put out some artists’ impressions of what a resort built on a floating island of plastic junk and various debris might look like, and have got themselves news coverage […]

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America’s Peace Fuel – Ethanol

Ethanol groups have produced a series of video campaign ads to promote ethanol over crude oil products – my fellow blogger Doris has them all on her blog here, and they are quite startling in their patriotic fervour.   “We won’t have to wait millions of years to replenish our ETHANOL reserves – America’s Renewable […]

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New hydrogen London black cabs

A fleet of London‘s black cabs powered by hydrogen is going to be on the road in time for the 2012 Olympics. A demonstration hydrogen fuel cell taxi was launched on Monday at City Hall.   The cabs can operate for a day without refuelling, and will use six specialist hydrogen filling stations which are planned […]

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Plastics – too valuable to throw away

Yellow droplets of oil with smiley faces and blue plastic bottles with cow faces feature in this adorable video which explains that oil going into plastics is not used up, it is merely borrowed.   Franco was sent “Plastics – too valuable to throw away” after last week’s “Pre-K” press conference in Amsterdam, where nine […]

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Keep Oil for Petrochemicals – Porritt

The volcanic ash aviation crisis shows that there are only two ways we should be using oil – in petrochemicals and in jet fuel, said Jonathon Porritt, UK veteran green campaigner in a debate on BBC’s PM programme, I heard on my car radio as I drove home this evening.   Porritt, founder and director […]

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Crossing the Pacific in a Boat Made From Plastic Bottles

A boat made entirely from plastic bottles and recycled waste products is to set sail from San Francisco to Sydney, on a 12,000 nautical mile journey to study the marine environment, according to this article which Blog reader Judith B came across via CNN on Wednesday.   The Plastiki Expedition in April 2010 will include four […]

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VIDEO: US ethanol leader blames crude oil imports for war

While I was freezing in the snows of Amsterdam, our Houston ethanol team was enjoying the sunshine in Orlando, Florida, and sending back some spectacular video footage of the passions unleashed by the renewable fuels debate.   A customised email alert from ICIS news came through on my blackberry on the way home from Amsterdam […]

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