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Special K: The Blog visits Duesseldorf

It’s K 2007 time, the massive three-yearly plastics fair in Duesseldorf. My colleague Linda calls from the ICIS stand in Hall 9a to tell me that every hotel room in a 100 km (62 mile) radius of Duesseldorf is booked out, city rooms are going for exorbitant prices and taxi drivers are a rare commodity. […]

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EPCA – the dance is over

EPCA 2007 has come to an end. The dance is over. Dustballs blow through the deserted lobby of the Berlin Interconti, and the Blog has returned home to catch up on sleep and compare notes. How was it for you? Do you have any idea who all those business cards were from? Are you facing […]

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EPCA Luncheon guests go hungry

I’ve just got back from the EPCA Luncheon – it was the first time there was an official luncheon with a speaker, and about 600 people signed up for it. The pre-organisation was a bit chaotic, but it went well on the day. We had a table made up of some customers and a few […]

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Two John Mitchells at EPCA

Yesterday I met two John Mitchells – one a ship’s agent and the other a chems product manager. And they don’t know each other and hadn’t even noticed they were both on the delegate list. What are the chances of two people in the petchem industry with the same name? Any other suggestions, please add […]

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Top 5 EPCA Parties

It’s Tuesday morning at EPCA in Berlin. Another damp grey morning. Feeling damp and grey yourself? Are you all partied out from three nights in town? Here’s the ICIS Chemicals Confidential Top 5 of EPCA Parties 2007: 1 Mitsubishi – great Saturday night start to the event – Ruinart champagne and wall-to-wall sushi 2 Mitsui […]

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Caroline’s forest adventure at EPCA

My fellow blogger Caroline tells her conference story… It didn’t come as a great surprise (she writes) that wearing stiletto heels and walking through mud was a bad combination. I was being taken out to a fancy lunch by a contact when this unfortunate pairing occurred. Our first hurdle was the Berlin marathon. Thousands of […]

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ICIS blog hits the streets in Berlin at EPCA

Simon found that the blog had reached the streets in Berlin last night. He took this picture of a blog sticker on a lampost. ICIS Chemicals Confidential denies all knowledge of this, but is flattered nonetheless!

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Headline acts announced for Antwerp Aromatics Conference

Every year for the past six years, I say I’ve had enough of organising this annual conference . I don’t want any more of the rollercoaster of elation and disappointment when speakers express interest but months later change their minds, when they realise that writing a conference paper actually takes time and they’ve left it […]

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Gadgets at EPCA

What will be the new gadgets at EPCA? Is the Blackberry old hat? Who will be the first of the chemicals crowd to sport the new iPhone? And, the question on everyone’s lips, what will be this year’s giveaway in the ICIS suite? If you’ve already collected the ICIS-logoed silver mouse, the pens, the furry […]

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