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Beth Tweddle seeking first Olympic medal at London 2012

Gymnast and World Championship gold medal winner, Beth Tweddle, known to Blog readers for her petrochemical connections, is seeking her first Olympic medal at this summer’s games, according to an article about how much she owes to her coach in the February issue of the British Airways in-flight magazine.   “It was my dad’s idea […]

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Sponsor’s video – General Petroleum

Corporate videos are getting very polished and we are quite used to seeing sponsors’ videos at industry conferences. Bright colours, fast cutting between scenes, pulsing rock music – these are all pretty standard, but some businesses clearly have more video-friendly products to sell than others.  The world of lubes allows for shots of high-powered vehicles […]

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MOVES: Davie De Laet to Total Houston

Davie De Laet has taken up a new position as commercial manager benzene for US at Total Petrochemicals USA based in Houston, he announced today. De Laet was formerly trade manager toluene, xylenes and cyclohexane for Europe at Total Petrochemicals in Brussels.

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MOVES: LinkedIn friends moving jobs

LinkedInhas just sent out this pleasant photo collage of all the Blog’s friends whomoved jobs in 2011. Apparently80 of you moved jobs, some voluntarily, some not so voluntarily. The Blog’snext quiz will be to spot who jumped and who was pushed …

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Apparently sitting is bad

Sittingin the office all day is bad for you, and leads to muscle wastage, heartdisease and reduced life span, but it is easy enough to counteract, accordingto this article in today. First,get up. Second,move around. Maybetake a brisk walk. The Bloghas been in the office all day today, but has fortunately walked around to […]

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MOVES: Restructure of Petrofina Aromatics Trading Europe

Petrofina has restructured its European aromatics trading team from 1 January 2012, the general manager of the team announced by email to all business contacts on 25 January. Martin Carbonez will be responsible for spot trading on Mixed Xylenes, Para-xylenes, Ortho-xylenes and Toluene. Bart Fellinga will be responsible for Benzene, Benzene feedstock and Cyclohexane. Alexis […]

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Stop saying NPRA – it’s AFPM

We need to remember to stop saying NPRA at the end of January and call it by its new name AFPM. Since NPRA announced its name change on 4 October 2011 (see ICIS news article: US NPRA to become American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers), word has been slowly filtering into the industry consciousness. But old […]

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VIDEO: Houston storm – flooding outside ICIS office

Here’s 45 seconds of video from the mini-flood in Houston on the morning of Monday 9 January, taken by our own Stephen Burns.   “It’s now mostly drained away but (it was) fun while it lasted,” he added.

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What’s in a name – Havingotascoobydo?

While on the subject of horse-racing, the Blog is struck once again by the ridiculous names of these beautiful creatures.   The conventions of naming thoroughbred horses are a mystery to the Blog, but it is painful to see gorgeous sleek expensive horses with undignified names.   What were they thinking of, the owners of […]

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MOVES: Noorlander to Starsupply

Wietse Noorlander, formerly with Excalibur Oil Brokerage, has joined brokers Starsupply Petroleum Europe BV, he informed the Blog today. Based in Capelle a/d IJssel in the Netherlands, Noorlander will be setting up a chemical desk for Starsupply, starting with aromatics, he said.

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