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Last year’s buzz words are banished

hope that by now all Blog readers have managed to slip the word “redakted” into a normal conversation, as recommended here during NPRA. It’s now time to banish some of the obsolete chemical buzz words of 2007. Top words which are now heading for their sell-by date must be: work/life balance, forward curve, learning curve, value chain, robustness, thought leadership. Use them at your peril. My colleague Linda is still aghast at “blue sky thinking”, but I think that harks back to circa 2006.

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Chemical Heritage Foundation exec in the news

An executive at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia, US was in the news this week for re-enlisting in the US Army at the age of 55. Specialist Neil Gussman, now nicknamed “Hollywood” by his pals, was spotted in an article in and sent in to the Blog by my colleagues Ivan and Joe in the New York office of ICIS Chemical Business.

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Oil industry execs stick heads in sand – official

A report released by KPMG LLP’s Global Energy Institute on Friday said a majority of oil and gas executives interviewed did not believe global warming was caused by carbon dioxide emission. A huge 62% of these executives believe that it was just a natural phenomenon while 9% believe the world isn’t getting hotter.

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Hip words for conference meetings

When you find “thinking outside the box”, “joined-up strategy” and “ownership of actions”, where do you turn for the latest jargon to show your colleagues you are at the cutting edge of corporate speak? The Blog’s favourite from this week’s meetings at NPRA was “redacted” – meaning “edited out” or “removed”. Use in sentences like: “I have read the redacted report,” or “In the redacted meeting minutes …”

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Cell phones linked to lower sperm count

Are you setting off to NPRA with yours clipped to your ear, slung on your hip or tucked away in your jack sack? Do you take part in the synchronised switching on of cell phones as soon as your plane has landed? Does your cell phone accompany you to the bathroom and bedroom, and vibrate comfortingly throughout every meeting?… new research shows that male heavy cell phone use is linked to significantly lower sperm counts.

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More office time for smokers

If the outdoor cigarette break is now a regular feature of your corporate life, you can look forward to the new “snack size” compact cigarette which tobacco giant Philip Morris is about to launch… Marlboro Intense.

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