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Fleece-lined tights – a must-have for winter formals

Fleece-linedopaque black thermal tights – “brushed inside for warmth, 3D stretch forperfect fit” – it all sounds cosy and warm, but aren’t they going to make yourlegs look like tree trunks? Ona wintry January morning, standing outside in formal dress for hours makingconversation is a chilly business, but the Blog can now recommend thesustaining properties […]

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Perfect Chemical Presents No 7 – The Lego Cuff Links

Our own Rebecca C has been doing some seasonal shopping and writes to the Blog …   “Knowing the Blog’s love of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) Lego, even with the current self imposed diet, I couldn’t help but notice these cuff links while browsing the internet for Christmas gifts over the weekend!! I think they’re the perfect […]

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Dog raincoat boom in Japan

Dog raincoats are in high demand in Japan, in the aftermath of the country’s nuclear disaster, according to articles in the Times and Daily Mail this week.   Sales of the doggy coats, made from nylon or PVC, have soared by as much as 50% compared to a year ago.   Vets have warned that […]

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Men’s tour dates T-shirts

What is it with men and T-shirts listing concert tour dates?   On the way to a John Mellencamp concert, there are men sporting tour-date T-shirts for other bands. They are saying, “Look at me, I’ve been to other gigs too.”   Then in the venue itself, the crush around the T-shirt counter is greater than […]

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Wales implements levy on plastic bags

The long-planned levy by Wales on plastic bags is now coming into effect in an attempt to curb the number of bags in circulation.   From October 2011 the charge per bag will be 5p, instead of the original 7p proposed, but in a last-minute concession, the Welsh Government has announced that shops employing fewer […]

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Pointy boots poised to stamp into Texas

A fashion craze for extra-pointy cowboy boots is sweeping Mexico and picking up a lot of press coverage in the US and Europe. Apparently the men’s pointy boots are great for dancing in, and make the wearers popular with the girls.   The Blog is asking all Houston readers to be on the alert for […]

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Naomi Campbell and Shell – vanished advert

Celebrities and chemicals – it’s hard to keep them apart. The Blog is indebted to a friend at Shell who recalled a memorable advert in which supermodel Naomi Campbell douses herself in Shell’s Helix lubricant oil. There are a few references online to this advert, in a Dutch newspaper and a Dutch treatise on communications, but all […]

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Chinese enthusiasm for Clarks shoes

Clarks shoes are the must-have shopping item for any Chinese visitor to the UK, according to all the Blog’s Chinese colleagues, and reported today in the Metro.   To the amazement of ICIS London editors, who can pick up a pair of sensible shoes any lunchtime in the Clarks shop on Sutton High Street, Chinese […]

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Six-packs and Victoria’s Secret – festive plastics for the holidays

The admirable “Plastics Make It Possible” campaign has been busy at work in the festive spirit this week. I see that yesterday they were advocating making a decorative snowflake out of 12 plastic six-pack holders.Charming.   And today they report from the Victoria‘s Secret Fashion Show that “models sparkled down the runway in Plastic sequins […]

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Cyclist’s airbag collar inflates to form helmet

Swedish designers have come up with a cycling “collar” which has an airbag hidden inside. In a collision, the Hovding airbag – made from a polymer bag, helium and sensors – inflates around the cyclist’s head to form a helmet, according to an article in the Evening Standard.   All the commentary in the Standard […]

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