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Summer outings showcase chemical hats

This is the hat I shall be wearing to the Royal Garden Party tomorrow. If you see me there, be sure to greet me with the secret petrochemical industry salute of friendship. The golden hat has already had one outing, at the famous Peter Demitriadi Henley Regatta party, where it mixed happily with other splendid hats from the ladies of Shell and SABIC.


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Bronzed limbs – the chemical way

It’s not every day that chemical commuters set off from London to Brussels on the Eurostar train and find that the St Pancras station has been taken over by 30 models, male and female, who have stripped off to highlight Sun Awareness Week. I am grateful to my fellow blogger Annette Hanford for the photo of the event, sponsored by St Tropez, the chemical way to get a tan.

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It’s a Barbie World

When I was growing up I always wanted to look like my Barbie. It was her (well-proportioned) figure and blond hair I was after rather than the plastic feel of her face and the nylon strength of her hair but Bayer has developed a product line specifically to give us the latter.

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Periodic Table Tie

Continuing the Blog’s fascination with Perfect Chemical Presents (the Periodic Table Mug and Shower Curtain), Brian Williams of Oxyde was seen sporting this Periodic Table Tie in the ICIS suite at NPRA.

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Tattoos emerge as NPRA fashion theme

The question on the lips of delegates over ceviche and sushi at Monday night’s LyondellBasell and Mitsubishi parties was: what will be the fashion trends emerging from NPRA 2008? The Blog fashion editor has just a one-word answer: Tattoos.

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Manbag launched in time for NPRA

With less than three weeks to go until NPRA, the ICIS fashion editor predicts another strong showing from the “manbag” and “murse”, perennial favourites on the chemical conference circuit.
Industry devotees will be now be eyeing up the new “Bob Bag” as featured in the London Sunday Times this weekend. In his “Locker Room” column, Tom Stubbs writes:
“Bob Geldof has always loved a bit of Mulberry. Now, the pair have created the ultimate man bag. The Bob bag has lots of compartments for all the junk you would usually stuff in your pockets. (Price on request)”

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Hemlines bring good and bad news for the economy

tortuous connections between pictures of gorgeous girls and economic trends. The FT’s demographic can’t switch off from business even while reading about designer fashion, so against shots of catwalk models you can read about hemlines being linked to the health of markets. One designer’s fondness for separates and jumpsuits indicated a desire to “buckle up, batten down and hibernate for the duration (of a recession)”. Elsewhere, “as the Dow Jones industrial average dropped … Chanel’s skirt lengths dropped – all the way to the ankles.”

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Self-healing rubber stockings

While I like the idea of stockings that don’t ladder I’m not sure I’m so keen on this self repairing rubber that has been taking up space in the press over the last week.

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Polyester holds the moral high ground

If you ever thought that in choosing cotton over polyester you were opting for a natural fabric, read this review from Saturday’s Times of a new and harrowing book about the cotton industry: “Fugitive Denim A Moving Story of People and Pants” (I was sure this must be a misprint, but it really is the title.)

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Plastic shoes and plastic coats are fashion hits in America

I see the debate about plastics in fashion is hotting up
extolling the virtues of plastic shoes and synthetic coats over leather Oxfords and traditional wool winter coats.

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