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Dog bites man at chemical conference

On my way back from registration for AFPM in the Grand Hyatt on Saturday afternoon, I run into Bernard who tells me that he is just back from the tropical paradise of Praia do Forte in Brazil, where he was attending the 6th EBDQUIM conference hosted by the Brazilian association of chemical and petrochemical distributors […]

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All the gossip from Aromatics Conference 2011

The gossip at conferences usually comes down to: 1)     Who’s in? 2)     Who’s out? 3)     Who’s moved where?   With optional extras: weather, travel, children and who’s got the best hotel rooms.   The Aromatics Conference was a good opportunity to meet some of the new faces in the business – new companies, and new […]

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Big Brother is spying on us

One delegate was so incensed at having the barcode on his EPCA name badge scanned on entry to every conference event that he cut the barcode off, he told the Blog on Monday afternoon in the ICIS suite.   Having swipe cards tracking your movements within a company is legitimate for security reasons he said, […]

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First ICIS Decathlon champ crowned

Joe Chang in ICIS New York has won the first ever ICIS Decathlon and writes this characteristically modest account …   Two years, one pulled hamstring, a sprained ankle, bruised egos, and countless regrets culminating in one spectacular bar fight, has finally resulted in a winner in the 1st ICIS Decathlon.   In a dizzying […]

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“Are we living in a bubble?” – EPL Copenhagen

A man in a bubble briefly drew the attention of EPL delegates holding their meetings on the terrace of the Copenhagen Marriott on Thursday afternoon.   “Are we living in a bubble?” “The bubble bursts,” and various other bubble-related clichés were suggested by one passing Benelux trader, after discussions of the downturn in chemical activity […]

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The Noma boys are here

What is the point of going to the “best restaurant in the world,” if you can’t tell everyone about it?   One group abjured the delights of the EPL dinner in Copenhagen on Thursday evening to visit Noma (as predicted by the Blog six months ago.)   Other delegates said that the diners had made sure to […]

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Southwest Chems Spring Golf Outing in Houston

Southwest Chemical Association held its Spring Golf Outing on Monday 2 May 2011 at the Kingwood Country Club, Houston, and ICIS was there to sponsor the bev carts again.   Says Heather: “This is our 9th year to do so. Hundreds of our customers are at this event and everyone knows who ICIS is there!” […]

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Lubbock plays in dance band at Gantrade party

David Lubbock played in the band at the Gantrade party on Monday night at NPRA, I hear from fellow travellers on the BA flight back to London. Although the Blog bailed out before the legendary late-night Gantrade party at Michelino’s, we hear that there was a fair amount of men-only dancing, as is often the […]

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Chemicals II: the Next Generation

More children are following their parents into the chemicals industry. Like “Star Trek 2: the Next Generation,” the Blog keeps coming across their fresh new faces at industry events. At NPRA, we met again Kraasen, son of Miroslav Mladenov at Kolmar. And then Bart, son of Roger Reekmans, now at GE Power and Water. So […]

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Conference gossip shhhhh

Never one to sink to gossip and trivia itself, the Blog couldn’t help but overhear a few choice titbits at the Aromatics Conference:   One well-known trader, currently resting between jobs after an Asian holiday, is about to join (in January) another trading house, the name of which is apparently common knowledge around the business. […]

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