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Valentine’s Special from benzene brokers Excalibur

The Blog is excited to hear from new brokers Excalibur

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Pop stars older than chems folk

I went to the Squeeze reunion concert in London last night. The voices and music were as fresh as when they were first put on vinyl in the 1980s. And from my vantage point in the circle, they looked in pretty good shape for guys in their 50s. The audience was quite mature too, with […]

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Have A Go ICIS Heroes foil street attack

Two ICIS reporters foiled a vicious attack around 6.30 pm on Friday evening. “Have a Go” heroes Adal Rafiq and Peter Salisbury saw a thug hitting his girlfriend on the back of the head outside the ICIS London offices and ran to stop him.The man turned on the pair, then went off into the night. […]

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ICIS folk meet the Stars

ICIS folk are no strangers to the world of the rich and famous. At the Royal Opera House to see L’elisir d’amore on Saturday, my colleague Linda told me that a friend of hers, Professor Jacek Rostowski had just been made Polish finance minister. And today she phoned to say that she saw Emilia Fox […]

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The Blog goes Mainstream

After building up a strong cult following, the Blog has given in to popular pressure and gone mainstream. Now the Blog will be for everyone, and not just for those who had received the much coveted private invitation to view. You can now find your way to ICIS-Chemicals-Confidential through the website by clicking on […]

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ICIS 2 meet Berlin Marathon star Gebrselassie

Beth and Tina from our ICIS sales team met Berlin Marathon superstar Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia at the airport buffet on Monday evening. He had just won the marathon on Sunday in a new world record time of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 26 seconds for the 26.2 miles. “He was sitting at the table […]

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Kent and Wietse setting up new aromatics brokerage

We heard on Friday that the Rotterdam aromatics broking team of Kent Hurst and Wietse Noorlander at Star Supply had quit to start up on their own. It seems they are on three months’ gardening leave until they can start up their business. In the meantime, Star Supply has no aromatics brokers, according to two […]

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Chemicals II: The Next Generation

I just bumped in to Fred from Nizhex in the lobby before my 9.30 meeting, and he told me that his son Max has just started working in his business. And last night at the EPCA reception, I met Anna who has just started working with her father Sergei at Nizhnekamsk. So that’s Ian and […]

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Coming soon: parties, sport, art, kids, ponies

That’s all for today folks. Coming soon: “I get no kicks from champagne” – The parties of EPCA: who said what, what they wore (photo special with guest commentary from Hairdressers’ Journal), the year’s winners and losers. Sports and chemicals – Are Darts the new Golf ? Petrochemicals and the visual arts – Who’s collecting […]

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Welcome to the big charity Blogathon – Chemicals Confidential

Welcome to the first Chemicals Confidential blog, on the RBI Charity Blogathon today, Monday 24 September 2007. Reed has generously promised to donate £50 to charity for every blogger, and extra for every hit on the blog and every comment you post here today, so go ahead and make a comment – it’s all […]

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