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Yahoo Messenger in the Air

Messaging via Yahoo Messenger (YM) is suchan established part of petrochemical life, particularly trading and reporting,that it is already old hat to be messaging with someone on a desktop, laptop ormobile phone. The Blog can still be impressed, however, by innovation on atheme, and it was definitely impressive to get a message the other day […]

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Chemical adverts #18: Emerson and Lukoil in Russia’s Arctic

Emerson’s “Extreme Oil” advert is overlooking London Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 security queues. It is part of Emerson Technology’s series on “It’s never been done before,” about Lukoil’s expansion of its exports from the Timan-Pechora basin in Russia’s Arctic northwest through Varendey, the world’s northernmost oil terminal.“Weather conditions in this region are better suited for […]

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ICIS Interactive Review of World Base Oils 2012

ICIS held its biggest-ever World Base Oils & Lubricants event in London recently and ICIS editor John Baker was on the spot to record interviews with keynote speakers.   The result can be found in the latest ICIS interactive online publication.

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Corian kitchens in vogue with curvy surfaces

Stylishpolymer Corian is the latest thing for trendy kitchens, the Blog reads in anarticle “Corian seduces with its curves” in the Times property supplement,Bricks & Mortar. Increasinglypopular in bespoke kitchens, particularly in glacier white, it allows forworktops and sinks to flow in one continuous unit. The non-porous Du Pontmaterial, made of acrylic polymer and alumina […]

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Design innovation for a one-planet economy

NigelDavis, Insight editor ICIS, spent an exciting evening withBayer at London’s Science Museum. The Blog was intrigued to hear about the barsand silent disco, so necessary to inform and educate about science. Nigel writes: Award-winning design guruProfessor Rob Holdway’s enthusiasm for the power of innovation was infectiousat the Science Museum last Wednesday. At a Bayer-sponsored reception, […]

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Images to remember – Aromatics Conference 2011

At my table at lunch on Wednesday we were discussing a particular slide in a presentation that morning. One delegate said that a year on, that would be the one thing we would remember of the conference.   It is true that visual images have an enduring quality, and that is what makes them so […]

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Plant-based plastics on our tables

We read so much about bioplastics, but now they are appearing on our tables. Coca-Cola took out a full page advert in the Times last week to trumpet the launch of its new PlantBottle ™ range in the UK. It consists of 22.5% bio-based material from renewable sources like sugarcane and up to 25% recycled […]

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PHOTOS: More chemical plants

A picture is worth a hundred words and it is good to enliven PowerPoint presentations with photos of chemical plants we have visited.   This week two of the Blog’s colleagues have been on an editorial visit to the chemical heartland of the Amsterdam Rotterdam Antwerp (ARA) region, and one new reporter has come back with 100 […]

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Wasabi alarm system wins Chemistry Prize

Scientific researchers have come up with a failsafe way to get you up in the morning, even if you’re deaf.   The Ig Nobel Prize for Chemistry was awarded yesterday to a Japanese team at Shiga University of Medical Science, for their patented invention of an alarm that wakes people up by releasing a pungent […]

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Plastic bottles bring light to Philippine slums

A plastic bottle filled with water can become a source of lighting for slum homes in the Philippines, according to this video article on the BBC.   Recycling empty polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles by filling them with water and a drop of bleach, to prevent algae, creating a metal collar and inserting them in the […]

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