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Trunk Monkey in demand for NPRA drive

Are you booking your hire car for the long drive from Houston to San Antonio, Texas for the NPRA chemicals conference at the end of March? Be sure to request this added security feature, the “Trunk Monkey”, as recommended today by our fellow bloggers at the Made by Monkeys blog. (Disclaimer: The Blog in no way endorses violent conflict resolution.)

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Big Brother is spying on our Messenger

Global trading of chemicals would grind to a halt without Yahoo Messenger. But how secret are our business and personal communications on messenger platforms? It’s enough to bring every trader and market reporter out in a cold sweat to read on the New Scientist blog that if you used the instant-messaging system MSN messenger in June 2006, all your chats were being collected and being passed (anonymised, of course) to researchers at Microsoft Research, a paper in the physics pre-print server arXiv reveals.”

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Create a virtual self to do your yahoo chatting for you

Are you tired of chatting with business contacts on yahoo?
create your own Cybertwin who will chat to your friends and customers on your behalf

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A Car that Runs on Air

The Air Car is just that – a car which runs on air. Developers hope the car, which reaches 220 km/hour, will be out on the market later in the year.

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The 4-Hour Workweek

(Photo: Are you struggling to get away from the office, stop thinking about work at the weekends, or give up taking business trips which eat into your weekends? Is your New Year’s resolution to strike a better work-life balance? Tim Ferris thinks that the answer is outsourcing. In his book “The Four Hour Workweek” […]

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Bad press for techies

So it’s official: techies are out of shape and never take any exercise. Our techie colleagues on this Electronics Weekly blog have come across a medical report released today which says that the technology and IT sectors have an “unappetising set of diet and lifestyle statistics”. I can speak as an honorary techie, after I […]

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Architecture Review: Fancy PC Roofs

At the last ICIS Training Seminar in Brussels my colleague Peter showed a picture of the roof of the Athens Olympic stadium in Athens to demonstrate the uses of polycarbonate. I wondered idly whether the new Wembley Stadium roof was polycarbonate, checked on Google, and yes it is. So is the roof of the new […]

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No spitting

After email “spam”, the next plague coming to your computer soon is computer “spit”, according to my colleagues on the New Scientist Invention blog. Now that internet phone calls are very popular, especially amongst those of us with family abroad or kids away at university, the next unwanted intrusion into your life will be internet […]

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