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Nappies recycled into rooftiles

The UK‘s first nappy (diaper) recycling plant is open in West Bromwich, and is set to be the first of five plants to take used nappies and turn them into rooftiles and jogging tracks, according to this article on MSN.   Over 1 million tonnes/year of absorbent hygiene products are generated in the UK, and […]

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The sound of hydrogen

Those of us with a passing interest in hydrocarbons might be interested in this little animation on the New Scientist website: “The sound of hydrogen.”   It is one of a series of one-minute animated films explaining basic scientific concepts, which I was lured into this morning by the tempting title “One-Minute Physics – How […]

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NASA lift-off for ICIS Heren

On a trip to see the ICIS Houston office last week, three of the London ICIS Heren team were invited to a special ‘Salute our Shuttle’ evening at the Johnson Space Center just south of Houston.   Just for workers and their friends and families, it was a tribute to the end of the space […]

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The Total racing car at London Heathrow

The Formula One Lotus Renault GP and Total racing car, as seen at the Grand Prix of Europe in Valencia and the Monaco Grand Prix, is sitting in the middle of the concourse in Heathrow Terminal 5, the Blog discovered while passing through check-in.   In addition to the car, there are two racing simulators […]

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Solar-powered plane takes 12-hour flight from Switzerland to Brussels

   Solar Impulse, the world’s only totally solar powered plane, is expected to fly from Switzerland to Brussels tomorrow and you can watch it all on a live App.   The project is supported by Solvay and Bayer Material Science among others, and none of them seem concerned about the unpropitious date of Friday 13 May. […]

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The hunt for the iPad 2 leads to Houston

Only a diehard cynic would connect this year’s upturn in European travellers to the two NPRA conferences (oil and chemicals) with the launch of the iPad 2.   Far-fetched you might think, but hark, isn’t that the sound of distant tweeting?   “No sign of an #iPad2 at the Houston Apple store. People were queuing […]

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Perfect Chemical Presents No 5 – the Pocket Projector

The only thing worse than travelling with someone who insists on carrying a full-scale projector around the world is having to carry the projector yourself. The Blog has had its patience tested while waiting for the ICIS training projector to cool down, or waiting for the projector to pass through security.   On one trip […]

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Printing a bike out of nylon

Airbike, a bicycle made using a manufacturing process which grows a product from a fine powder of nylon, carbon-reinforced plastics or metal, went on show to the world’s press on Monday and was covered by the Times, the Engineer, Physics News and every techie blog on the planet.   Produced by EADS (European Aeronautic Defence […]

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Milk dispensers pose threat to plastic bottles

Milk could soon be sold from supermarket dispensers instead of plastic bottles, according to refill technology manufacturer Eziserv quoted in this week’s issue of The Grocer.   Eziserv, which supplied refill technology to UK supermarket chain Asda in a trial for dispensing detergents, has been in discussions about modifying the same system to dispense milk. […]

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Fire resistant workwear for petchem plants – BA film

  This trailer was running on the on-demand film system on a recent flight. It is for the British Airways Face-To-Face scheme, which helps small businesses in America by giving them free flights, and shows one of the success stories, Benchmark Clothing.   The company is owned by married couple John and Erin O’Sullivan who […]

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