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The lure of a Hawaiian conference

Our Houston pricing editors were enthralled to receive a last-minute press release from BASF inviting them to this week’s World Brewing Congress at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, where the chemicals major would be showcasing some new filtration products.

My colleague Stephen Burns in Houston tells me that despite the short notice, editors were passionately keen to transmute their experience of the subject matter into a Hawaian business trip.

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An homage to “Living without Polypropylene”

The Blog is shocked to see that our own ground-breaking article on “Living without polypropylene for a week – Cold Turkey” by Andy Brice in ICIS Chemical Business on 19 May 2008 has been the subject of an “homage” by a reporter on the BBC website and turned into “A Month without Plastic”. As Andy points out, she only goes without buying new plastics, so she still gets to use her phone, her computer, her car and all the accessories of modern life. Still, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery …

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Chemicals are a YouTube hit

Chemicals are an unexpected hit on YouTube after chemistry academics at the UK’s University of Nottingham posted 121 videos of the elements of the periodic table and dangerous experiments, according to this TV clip on the BBC website.

So far, the clip of sodium fizzing violently and igniting has been watched more than 99,000 times since it was posted three weeks ago.

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Reed Business Information on Dutch satirical news site

Imagine my astonishment when this Dutch joke article on the sale of our own Reed Business Information (parent company of ICIS) popped out of Google this afternoon. It is from the website (nine to five, gettit?) and titled: “Te Koop, zgan: Reed Business Information, met aantrekkelijke woekerlening” – or “For Sale, as good as new: Reed Business Information, together with an attractive loan package.”

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Protecting our heroes with plastics

These chemical advertisers know how to tug on your heartstrings. The Blog’s eye was caught by this heroic fireman rescuing a cute child with the aid of Bayer’s “high-tech plastic with extremely high break resistance and impact strength (making it) ideal for use in helmet visors.”

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Maximum exposure on TV and radio for ICIS and Heren

There was great excitement in the ICIS pricing editorial office in London this afternoon as Fiona Bond was whisked away to the Al Jazeera studio to give her views on the biofuels market. In fact, Monday was an epic day for ICIS in the media. Not only was Fiona interviewed on Al Jazeera TV’s “News Hour”, at 7.30 pm UK time, but ICIS Heren’s Louise Boddy was also on BBC Radio 4’s “PM” top evening news programme at 5.35 pm. Louise was interviewed on the implications of the closure of the Forties Pipeline, due to the Grangemouth dispute.

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