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Chemical adverts #16: Plastic wrap for baby bundles

Wrapping babies in plastic? This picture in an old DuPont advert makes the Blog feel decidedly queasy, which is probably why reader Regan forwarded it on.   “I know how you love a good chemical related advert of yesteryear, even if maybe not so pc in today’s world,” he writes.

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ICIS Interactive Review of EPCA 2011

  ICIS editor John Baker was out and about at EPCA in Berlin, recording video interviews with EPCA president Tom Crotty and EPCA committee members.   You can hear views on sustainable feedstocks and development, Europe’s role in tackling mega-trends, the IYC video that EPCA has just produced and the need for the industry to […]

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Chemical adverts #15: Petrobras and Emerson

It’s been a bit quiet for chemical adverts lately, but then this one was spotted on Saturday on a screen at Heathrow Terminal 5 above the queues for security.   The launch of Petrobras Brazil’s largest petrochemical operation is the subject of the advert. More here.  

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Bull market on a trampoline

A picture is worth a hundred words, and today’s graphics in the FT today of a golden bull on a trampoline is a particular delight. A helpful footnote tells us it is an “FT montage,” in case we were worried that the bull might have been mistreated during the photo shoot.   The article “More […]

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How to drive consumer demand: barking

Nestle’s new advertising campaign is aimed at one of the most resilient segments of the consumer market – dogs.   The TV ads have “squeaks, high-frequency tones and high-pitched pings, which are designed to send doges into such a frenzy that indulgent owners rush out and buy Nestle’s Beneful dog food,” I read on the […]

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Poetry and the Periodic Table

An invitation to discover the poetic elements of the periodic table at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) in Philadelphia has just landed in the Blog inbox.   On the first Friday in September Jena Osman, author of the interactive hypertext poem “The Periodic Table as Assembled by Dr. Zhivago, Oculist,” will be reading her work […]

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Basic maths in business life

The lack of basic numeracy in advertising was the topic of outraged conversation on the sidelines of a workshop the Blog attended this morning.   A photo from today’s Metro was being passed round on a colleague’s iPhone to a general sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Spot the error …  

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Solvay accidentally releases second-quarter results

Solvay inadvertently released its results highlights for the second quarter of 2011 on its website on 25 July, instead of 28 July, my colleague Graeme points out in this article on ICIS news. A technical incident at the Belgium-based company pushed the highlights out earlier than planned, but the company is sticking to its scheduled […]

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Fourth Prix Pictet focuses on Power

The photography prize Prix Pictet will take the theme of “Power” this year, the chairman of the prize, Stephen Barber announced at Les Rencontres d’Arles in France this week.   The centrepiece was a multi-media presentation on the theme of “Growth” by the current Prix Pictet laureate, artist Mitch Epstein, of his series on energy […]

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Headline envy – the Weiner scandal

The British press has given very little coverage to the continuing scandal of Anthony Weiner in the US, and rightly so, as he is nobody to us.   However, as a reporter, I do love a good headline, and some of the headlines coming out this week have been hilariously clever, if unsuitable for publication […]

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