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On feats of memory and Brad Pitt

Performing a one-hour monologue always strikes me as an impressive feat. Whether it is a comedy stand-up routine, a play, a political speech or a lecture, the Blog is always impressed with the feat of memory. Especially when it is a well-known text like a theatre classic, where the audience knows it well, so it […]

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Lego Movie Posters

Promotional posters for all this summer’s big blockbuster films have been created in Lego versions on Next Movie.   Click here to see posters for Pirates of the Caribbean 4, Green Lantern, X-Men First Class, The Hangover Part 2 and more.  

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Marc Rich – The Movie

Crime and punishment do not go together in the case of former fugitive billionaire oil trader Marc Rich. Pardoned by President Bill Clinton for crimes of tax evasion and illegal oil trading with Iran, he is now living out an old age of luxury and philanthropy in Switzerland.   He was once a resident of […]

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French thriller Spiral – lessons for corporate life

The French TV crime series “Engrenages” (Spiral), now coming to a nail-biting close on UK TV, is a graphic display of all the kinds of dysfunctional behaviour which are expressly forbidden in any sane company’s Code of Conduct.   Setting aside all the obvious differences between French crime-fighting and everyday corporate life as we know […]

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Neil Fleming’s play reviewed in The Stage

It’s not every day that a colleague has a play opening in London. “The Consultant,” a play about management consultants, written by ICIS’s own head of content, opened on Wednesday and was reviewed today in the theatrical magazine, The Stage.   “Fleming certainly has an ear for dialogue and dissects the meaningless jargon of the […]

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The desire to be “out on jury duty”

The green blogger Doris in our New York office will be out on jury duty this week, she wrote on her blog “ICIS Green Chemicals” yesterday.   She says she is glad to do her patriotic duty, and she has a link to a spoof blog posting on ways to spice up the jury selection […]

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Oil drama Dallas makes comeback

The oil industry’s flagship TV drama series, Dallas, is set to return with a revived cast including Larry Hagman (79) from the original 1970s series.   Since the Blog never followed the original TV soap opera – but does remember the suspense of “Who killed JR?” – it is at a loss to understand why […]

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Movies: The Social Network

Now this film is excellent. Anyone who reads this blog or uses any social media will really enjoy it. And because you come to it knowing that it is very recent history, and that it is the brains-to-riches story of the rise of Facebook, you are immediately gripped by the plot and the characters.   […]

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Movies: Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

What a dreary film and what a disappointment. Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has no plot, weak characters, and it takes forever for the storyline to start. Michael Douglas has a completely unconvincing role which is not worthy of him at all.   It is so disappointing after the original Wall Street, which had a […]

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All Our Working Lives

Our own Nigel Davis, chemical insight editor at ICIS, is credited as an advisor on BBC4′s documentary series, All Our Working Lives, which examines the economic and industrial transformation that Britain has undergone since the early Eighties.   The chemical industry episode from the original series (1984) has been updated, with Nigel’s help, with a […]

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