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Petrochemicals go to the Oscars

Daniel Day-Lewis won Best Actor for “There Will Be Blood”, a film about a ruthless oil prospector and first reviewed here on the Blog in November. “No Country for Old Men”, set in the wide open spaces of oil-rich Texas, swept the board with four Oscars. And Tilda Swinton, winner of Best Supporting Actress in “Michael Clayton” turned up

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Top Ten Chemical Movie Scenes

Top Ten Chemical Movies: The Graduate, North by Northwest, Batman, Fight Club, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, Local Hero, The Wages of Fear, White Heat, Erin Brockovitch, The Man in the White Suit.

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Movie Trailer: There Will Be Blood

Another oil film is on its way. “There Will Be Blood” opens in Europe on 8 February 2008, and is the epic story of the early years of the oil boom in California. Starring Daniel Day Lewis, and based on the 1927 book “Oil!” by Upton Sinclair, it is described in the pre-release reviews as […]

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