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Daniel Radcliffe sings the Elements of the Periodic Table

HarryPotter star Daniel Radcliffe performs his party trick, which is singing”The Elements” by musical humorist Tom Lehrer, in this video clipspotted today by Helena.

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Wouldn’t it be great to go to South By Southwest (SXSW), the music festival in Austin, Texas, right before NPRA? Can it be coincidence that every year the major US petchems meeting in San Antonio is timed right after the world’s biggest urban music festival?   The dates for 2012 are already fixed for SXSW […]

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Chemical reflections on top tenor

A guest posting from Linda Naylor, blogging for ICIS from Paris …   Last night I had the privilege of seeing the magnificent Peruvian tenor Juan Diego Florez in concert at the Salle Pleyel in Paris.   His third and final encore, Pour mon ame, from Donizetti’s La Fille du Regiment, which has a series […]

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Men’s tour dates T-shirts

What is it with men and T-shirts listing concert tour dates?   On the way to a John Mellencamp concert, there are men sporting tour-date T-shirts for other bands. They are saying, “Look at me, I’ve been to other gigs too.”   Then in the venue itself, the crush around the T-shirt counter is greater than […]

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Bright new cheap future for CDs and DVDs

Music and movie downloads may have decimated demand for CDs and DVDs, and hence polycarbonate, but now a bright new world of cut-price discs is dawning.   UK discount retailer Poundland (everything for £1) has sold 4 million DVDs in the past 12 months, all at £1, according to an article in the Grocer but […]

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Chemical musical folk in Bokito Big Band

Musical prowess in the chemical industry tends to be focused on karaoke nights, but the Blog has recently heard that two petchem folk are involved with a real big band.   The Bokito Big Band is managed by Folkert B, and in this video of the band, you can make out Michiel B playing trumpet […]

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Karaoke Nights in Petchems

On the way to Houston the conversation turns to karaoke. It seems that petchem folk are divided between those who hate even the thought of it, and those who love it, who look forward to it, who just can’t wait to jump up on the stage and grab the mike.    People who have Playstation’s […]

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A day of petchems, fine food and music

It was a pretty good day yesterday. First there was a morning meeting with an aromatics major player with Truong followed by a pleasant lunch on the South Bank. Then over to the massive Base Oils Conference in Lancaster Gate, followed by an early dinner at the Saatchi Gallery and in the evening a Paul […]

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Homemade PVC Pipe Instrument Medley

This PVC Pipe Instrument was showcased by Snubby J, a young performer who has apparently been on America‘s Got Talent.   Brian Ford in ICIS Houston put this video clip on the in-house yammer system, ostensibly to show the versatility of PVC pipes …   (Photo: Craziest Gadgets) @ Yahoo! Video

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Top 20 Chemical Songs 2010

Here we are, the new 2010 update of all-time-favourite Top Chemical Songs – all contributions gratefully received …   1 Anything by “The Chemical Brothers” or “My Chemical Romance” 2 Anything by “The Vaselines” 3 “The Plastic Ono Band” 4 Ethylene – John Hiatt 5 Slow Chemical – Spongebob cover version of Finger Eleven original […]

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