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Bryn Terfel in der fliegende Hollaender at ROH photo Rex.jpg

Chemical Operas #1 – The Flying Dutchman

There are precious few operas which have anything much to say about commercial life, let alone manufacturing industry. With their ludicrous plots and heart-breaking tragedies, it’s difficult to imagine setting any of the stories of murder or mistaken identity in the chemical industry.    Only maybe The Flying Dutchman (Der Fliegende Holl√§nder) which the Blog enjoyed recently at Covent […]

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Leonard Cohen Weybridge 1 photo Dorsetbays.jpg

Plastic ponchos at rain-drenched Leonard Cohen concert

Along with a few thousand other people I’m sitting at an open air concert on a cold summer’s evening enjoying the live performances of first Suzanne Vega then Leonard Cohen.   A light but persistent drizzle mars what is otherwise a pleasant setting in the grounds of Mercedes-Benz World, plenty of favourite songs and a good […]

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Glastonbury 2009 Will Beacham 004.jpg

Glorious Glastonbury

Will Beacham, ICB European bureau chief, writes about his adventures at Glastonbury in Somerset, UK last weekend, Friday 26 to Sunday 28 June …   With the mud now removed from most of my clothes, I’m back in sunny Sutton’s ICIS office to share my experiences. Barbara only wanted the highlights of Bruce Springsteen from […]

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bruce springsteen glasto 27 june 2009 photo Rex.jpg

Springsteen at Glastonbury in comfort

I was watching Bruce Springsteen’s set at the Glastonbury Festival last night, recorded from Saturday, marvelling at his energy and how wonderfully comfortable it was to be watching with my feet up at home without having waited six hours to get near the front for the same kind of view. Even better, in real life (IRL) it took two-and-half-hours, but […]

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NPE IMG_0107 (2).jpg

Musical interlude at NPE in Chicago

ICIS news has been out in force at the major National Plastics Exhibition (NPE) in Chicago, for this whole week 22-26 June. Attendance at the conference was a bit down, but the number of exhibitors was up. Al Greenwood, deputy news editor of ICIS in Houston has helpfully sent the Blog this picture from the conference. “This […]

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Enron offices London 2002 photo Rex.jpg

Enron – London theatre to stage new play

A new play entitled “Enron” will be coming to the London stage in September, and the Blog can’t wait to see it.    Starring Tim Pigott-Smith as Ken Lay and Samuel West as Jeffrey Skilling, the play at the Royal Court theatre in Sloane Square will be “using music, dance and video to chart the […]

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Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band photo FT.jpg

Yoko Ono and the Plastic Ono Band

The FT’s review of Yoko Ono’s London concert this week gave it a four star rating, out of five, despite commenting on “her notorious singing style, a ululating, near-wordless wail, amid a maelstrom of guitar feedback and drone-rock.”   The Plastic Ono Band, inexplicably missed from the Blog’s previous listings of music with chemicals connections, […]

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Leonard Cohen Mercedes World 2009.jpg

Leonard Cohen at Mercedes-Benz World

  On a huge billboard by the M3 the grizzled face of Leonard Cohen looks into the middle distance ignoring the passing traffic as he promotes his one and only show in the South of England at Mercedes-Benz World on Saturday 11 July 2009.   At 75 he’s still touring with his own special brand […]

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adam lambert from john

Adam Lambert tipped by Asian chemicals guru

Dog bites man – who cares? But man bites dog, now that’s news. It’s an old gag, but that’s what I thought when I read an email yesterday from my friend John R, our Asian economics guru and director of ICIS insight Asia, with a link to his blog posting about singer Adam Lambert on […]

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Funeral Songs and Chemical Songs

  As I was driving past the Korean shops and restaurants of New Malden this morning, BBC Radio 4 was running a piece on the songs being chosen for funerals now, in a shift away from traditional religious music. After a few bursts of “My Way”, “Time to Say Goodbye” and curiously “Highway to Hell”, the presenter […]

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