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Singing plastic egg

My fellow blogger Tim has spotted this plastic singing egg, which sings out “Killing Me Softly” when your soft-boiled egg is done.

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The Credit Crunch Anthem

This comedy credit crunch song “Caution to the Wind” to the tune of “Candle in the Wind” is a cheerful little tune you can hum along to while reading all the gloomy news about bankruptcy on ICIS news. Starring Gordon Brown and George W Bush on the roof of a multi-storey carpark. “My credit burned […]

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San Antonio Music Goes on a European Tour

Getting in the mood for NPRA in San Antonio, Texas, I went to see country rocker Steve Earle, himself from Schertz, Texas, 17 miles north of San Antonio, in concert on Friday.
the two plaintive duets with his newest wife, singer-songwriter Allison Moorer, had some sweetly touching harmonies.

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Top 10 Songs about Chemicals

You already work in the chemical industry. You buy, sell or write about chemicals. Whether you want to or not, you probably wear them and even eat them and drink them. My colleague Doris writes in her blog about how we slap chemicals on our faces in lotions and potions. Now the ICIS Music Editors […]

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Pop stars older than chems folk

I went to the Squeeze reunion concert in London last night. The voices and music were as fresh as when they were first put on vinyl in the 1980s. And from my vantage point in the circle, they looked in pretty good shape for guys in their 50s. The audience was quite mature too, with […]

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