Final EPCA competion: Match the Man to the Moustache


It was hard for contenders in the Moustache of the Conference competition to know that I had already revealed my own favourite in yesterday’s posting on Top EPCA Parties. I had indeed already predicted that moustaches would be IN at EPCA in my pre-conference fashion tips, and delegates were not disappointed. Here are my contenders […]

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I thought I was going to get the rubber glove

It was one of those moments of irrational guilt (writes Simon Robinson). I hadn’t done anything wrong, but a man with an impressive moustache, and wearing a uniform, asked if I could follow him through a door marked private. If I’d been at one of East Berlin’s more broad minded clubs in the evening after […]

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EPCA Luncheon guests go hungry

I’ve just got back from the EPCA Luncheon – it was the first time there was an official luncheon with a speaker, and about 600 people signed up for it. The pre-organisation was a bit chaotic, but it went well on the day. We had a table made up of some customers and a few […]

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Two John Mitchells at EPCA

Yesterday I met two John Mitchells – one a ship’s agent and the other a chems product manager. And they don’t know each other and hadn’t even noticed they were both on the delegate list. What are the chances of two people in the petchem industry with the same name? Any other suggestions, please add […]

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ICIS 2 meet Berlin Marathon star Gebrselassie


Beth and Tina from our ICIS sales team met Berlin Marathon superstar Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia at the airport buffet on Monday evening. He had just won the marathon on Sunday in a new world record time of 2 hours, 4 minutes and 26 seconds for the 26.2 miles. “He was sitting at the table […]

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Top 5 EPCA Parties


It’s Tuesday morning at EPCA in Berlin. Another damp grey morning. Feeling damp and grey yourself? Are you all partied out from three nights in town? Here’s the ICIS Chemicals Confidential Top 5 of EPCA Parties 2007: 1 Mitsubishi – great Saturday night start to the event – Ruinart champagne and wall-to-wall sushi 2 Mitsui […]

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Ah Lunch!


Ah Lunch!Just what the discerning blogger likes to sit down to at lunchtime. Prima!I bought this very nice meal here.View Larger Map

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Kent and Wietse setting up new aromatics brokerage

We heard on Friday that the Rotterdam aromatics broking team of Kent Hurst and Wietse Noorlander at Star Supply had quit to start up on their own. It seems they are on three months’ gardening leave until they can start up their business. In the meantime, Star Supply has no aromatics brokers, according to two […]

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Chemicals II: The Next Generation

I just bumped in to Fred from Nizhex in the lobby before my 9.30 meeting, and he told me that his son Max has just started working in his business. And last night at the EPCA reception, I met Anna who has just started working with her father Sergei at Nizhnekamsk. So that’s Ian and […]

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Caroline’s forest adventure at EPCA

My fellow blogger Caroline tells her conference story… It didn’t come as a great surprise (she writes) that wearing stiletto heels and walking through mud was a bad combination. I was being taken out to a fancy lunch by a contact when this unfortunate pairing occurred. Our first hurdle was the Berlin marathon. Thousands of […]

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