ICIS blog hits the streets in Berlin at EPCA


Simon found that the blog had reached the streets in Berlin last night. He took this picture of a blog sticker on a lampost. ICIS Chemicals Confidential denies all knowledge of this, but is flattered nonetheless!

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Piracy in chemicals shipping

Piracy on the high seas is a growing problem for chemicals shipping. Check out this particularly informative article.

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Headline acts announced for Antwerp Aromatics Conference

Every year for the past six years, I say I’ve had enough of organising this annual conference . I don’t want any more of the rollercoaster of elation and disappointment when speakers express interest but months later change their minds, when they realise that writing a conference paper actually takes time and they’ve left it […]

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ICIS 4 in EPCA Berlin car smash horror


Four of us from ICIS travelling to EPCA Berlin were in a head-on car crash on Saturday afternoon, but we walked away with only minor injuries. Nick, Ed, Dan and Barbara were in an airport taxi, a Mercedes estate car, which smashed head first at speed into an oncoming Skoda saloon car on the Kurfurstenstrasse, […]

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Coming soon: parties, sport, art, kids, ponies

That’s all for today folks. Coming soon: “I get no kicks from champagne” – The parties of EPCA: who said what, what they wore (photo special with guest commentary from Hairdressers’ Journal), the year’s winners and losers. Sports and chemicals – Are Darts the new Golf ? Petrochemicals and the visual arts – Who’s collecting […]

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Gadgets at EPCA

What will be the new gadgets at EPCA? Is the Blackberry old hat? Who will be the first of the chemicals crowd to sport the new iPhone? And, the question on everyone’s lips, what will be this year’s giveaway in the ICIS suite? If you’ve already collected the ICIS-logoed silver mouse, the pens, the furry […]

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A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash (the movie)


It looks like this is a film for us: “A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.”http://www.oilcrashmovie.com/film.html It’s opening in the UK in November. Has anyone seen it yet? Thanks to www.oilcrashmovie.com for photo of “Depleted Azeri Oilfield.”

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Fashion tips for EPCA

Worried about what to pack for EPCA next weekend? Worry no longer – the ICIS fashion editor brings you this season’s “must haves” for the conference circuit. What’s hot and what’s not. Expect to see a strong showing from the male handbag, a perpetual favourite amongst the Belgian, French and German contingents. Favoured colours will […]

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A Chemical Romance

Wedding bells were ringing in Houston on Saturday, as our senior editor Heather celebrated her marriage in front of an audience including many of her ICIS friends. Her wedding website tells the story of how she met her husband-to-be when she went to interview him for an article. Reading that put me in mind of […]

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Poppies and petrochemicals


I do some of my best thinking in the car. Not on the slow early morning drive through the suburbs of south-west London to the ICIS offices, but on long distance journeys like the one we did this weekend, taking our son to start his university in life in Exeter, a cathedral city about three […]

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