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ICIS runner in Edinburgh Marathon

ICIS London’s own senior editor, Ed Cox, is back in the office and collecting up all the funds he raised for his local hospital by completing the Edinburgh Marathon. Here he muses on the experience for which he trained mercilessly and in the process shrank to a shadow of his former self …

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ICIS news editor in Wall Street Journal

ICIS news editor Americas, John Waggoner was quoted in the Wall Street Journal’s MarketBeat blog on Friday. In an article entitled “One Word: Plastics”, harking back to the famous advice in “The Graduate” but perhaps not so wise today, John explained the impact of rising energy prices.

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Surreal moments in Shanghai

Nothing can quite match the moment when a keen young reporter respectfully enters my office and hands me a printed copy of her report to critique, written throughout in Chinese characters but with a few numerals dotted throughout the three pages of text. We still manage a good session on the key points of good reporting practice, and I don’t think she finds it weird at all.

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I am a Shanghai commuter

Nothing beats the daily rush-hour commute on the Shanghai metro for getting the real flavour of working life in the metropolis. From the minute you step into the station – by-passing the teams of workers polishing the ground, the railings, the turnstiles – to when you drop your four yuan coins into the ticket machine, click through the ticket barriers and swarm onto the trains along with hundreds of other office workers, the whole experience is efficient, cool, air-conditioned and above all, to a seasoned London commuter, clean. It’s six stops to Songhong Road, at the western end of Line 2.

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More ICIS/Chemease pricing reports on China

Everyone wants to read about China, I tell the 18 Shanghai reporters who are looking to me for guidance on how to write for an international audience. In fact they are already writing for a huge Chinese readership, but now they are going to turn their hand to writing in English about the Chinese domestic chemicals markets which they know so well. Acrylo, oxos and capro are among the new English-language reports ICIS is launching together with its jv partner CBI under the name ICIS/Chemease in May, and that’s why I’m working in our Shanghai office with the editorial team this week.

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Fakery in alumni brochures and chemical websites

Hardly a month passes by without some new fake ICIS website coming to light. Our editors often find their articles, and even my blog postings, turning up on Indian or Dutch websites. When I was in Moscow a few years ago, I was shown a Russian website called, which was a completely unauthorised version of Platts in the Russian language (it’s been withdrawn now).

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New “Divestment Watch” Blog

Curious news today from my colleague Adam Tinworth, head of blog development at ICIS’s parent company RBI (Reed Business Information), who finds that one of our fellow bloggers in this very building has started up a blog on the sole subject of Reed Elsevier’s proposed divestment of RBI: the aptly named “Divestment Watch”.

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How to be a good price reporting contact

You’re reading this week’s pricing report on your chemical of choice and thinking if only those prices were $20/tonne higher, how much easier your life would be. But how to do it? Ever think of picking up the phone and persuading the ICIS editor that the market is moving up this week? Here are some […]

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