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On yachts, brush boarding and Horse’s Necks

It would have been a hard sell to argue that I needed to attend the London International Boat Show to look at the ingenious ways in which ICIS subscriber companies use reinforced plastics and marine resins to manufacture luxury yachts.   So it was in a purely private capacity that I slipped quietly away from […]

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Top Chemical Adverts No. 5 – the GEFO babes

The Blog is impressed by the very glossy GEFO adverts in this week’s ICB special distribution issue, particularly the aerial shot of a chemical tanker, the “Schloss Neuschwanstein”, accompanied by a sketch of a long-limbed girl on a swing showing her stocking tops to the slogan “Swing your cargoes from port to port with GEFO tankers.” You just don’t see […]

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Shipping news: Titan Uranus

I saw this on BBC2′s “Have I got a bit more news for you” on Saturday.   Surely it is a fake, because the well-known Titan Petrochemicals fleet of very large crude carriers and coastal tankers lists only the Titan Mercury, Titan Aries, Titan Scorpio, Titan Gemini, Titan Chios and Titan Neptune.

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Piracy in the English Channel

The important thing about standing around a log fire in a village pub is to remember to rotate your position, or you will soon catch the whiff of singed winter coat. The Griffin‘s Head in Chillenden has a belter of a log fire, which is just as well because outside it is a freezing mid-winter […]

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MV Fedra grounding at Gibraltar

A fertilizer contact has sent in these spectacular pictures of the MV Fedra running aground at Gibraltar in October. The background music doesn’t seem entirely appropriate, and the slide show is a bit slow.  

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Drama at Vopak’s “Pit 19″

This video from Vopak, the Dutch petrochemical storage and transport company, was a great hit at their party at last week’s ethanol conference in Paris.   It’s a dramatised version of a customer’s desperate hunt for ethanol storage (rather like the TV series 24 in its pace) but will Vopak’s “Pit 19″ be ready in time ?? […]

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EPCA to abandon Monaco?

The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) June newsletter dropped into the Blog inbox today, with early news of the annual meeting in Monaco at the end of September.
Already the jaded old hands in the European industry are complaining that they don’t want to go back to Monaco again. “It’s so expensive, it’s so fake, and you can never get a taxi, particularly when it rains, ” one producer told the Blog at last week’s EPL in Lisbon.
Suggestions for alternative venues have been flooding in to ICIS Chemicals Confidential. The shipping contingent is still plugging Barcelona. My fellow blogger Chloe Berman on Travel Weekly has found some perfect alternative destinations, not all of them in Europe, but all worthy of serious consideration: Santorini, Oman, Dallas, Seychelles …. and all of them with “the most luxurious swimming pools on earth”.

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Enhancing the corporate workspace – Ideas #1 and #2

Here is another sure-fire money-making idea from the fertile business brain that brought you The Solvent Calendar, and now “The Soundtrack to Paradise”. It’s going to be a strong seller along the lines of whale song recordings, which are supposed to be very popular with pregnant mums.

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Scarecrows defend oil tankers

Oil tankers are carrying scarecrows on board to scare off pirates. An article in Times Online has this picture of a threatening oil worker on the deck of a large oil carrier. “If pirates see that people are watching them from the ship they tend to go for other vessels,” said Pottengal Mukundan, director of the International Maritime Bureau.

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Piracy in chemicals shipping

Piracy on the high seas is a growing problem for chemicals shipping. Check out this particularly informative article.

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