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Winter draws on – petrochemical thermal vests

The ski season is upon us, and as I unwrap my new zip-locked foil-packed “Heattech” thermals from Uniqlo, my eye is drawn to the seven unique properties of this new hi-tech brand, of which one is: “HEATTECH fibers contain natural amino acids derived from milk protein which make the material smooth and soft to the […]

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High-rise polycarbonate bird nestboxes

It seems that this is National Nest Box Week in the UK, and today BBC Radio had top architect Will Alsop revealing his new designer nest box made of polycarbonate.There was also a multi-coloured cone-shaped nest box made from acrylic.

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Plastic glass vest is so next year

Ladies, THIS is what we’ll all be wearing for the chemical conference cocktail parties of 2008. In an article in The Times last week, I read that Stefano Pilati, creative director at Yves Saint Laurent is promoting shiny acrylic Plexiglass sheet for his spring/summer 2008 collection. The Blog is showcasing this ravishing vest made of […]

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