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Chemical adverts #20: Dow’s roof garden

Roof gardens created by expandable polystyrene (Styrofoam) roofinsulation are advertised by Dow in today’s glossy AFPM special publication. Itis part of the continuing trend for petchem companies to promote the greencredentials of petrochemicals. The AFPM magazine, produced by ICIS, is being given away todelegates in the petchem conference delegate pack.  

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Chemical advert #19: Mitsui’s “Evolved to succeed”

This full page advert for Mitsui was in today’s Financial Times. The section “Feed the World” at the foot of the page is all about Mitsui’s fertilizer marketing and trading, with a handy aide memoire on which fertilizer nourishes which part of the growing plant.

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Chemical adverts #18: Emerson and Lukoil in Russia’s Arctic

Emerson’s “Extreme Oil” advert is overlooking London Heathrow airport’s Terminal 5 security queues. It is part of Emerson Technology’s series on “It’s never been done before,” about Lukoil’s expansion of its exports from the Timan-Pechora basin in Russia’s Arctic northwest through Varendey, the world’s northernmost oil terminal.“Weather conditions in this region are better suited for […]

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vince cable shootingstar.jpg

UK Business Secretary volunteers for Shooting Star CHASE

One thing you can say about plastic bags is that they are goodfor advertising a message. In a campaign to encourage volunteering, the UK’sbusiness secretary Vince Cable was photographed modelling this charity plasticbag while volunteering on Friday the 13th January in a hospicecharity shop in west London, according to the Shooting Star Chase websitetoday.

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Chemical adverts #17: DuPont solar technology

Watching CNN for the morning news last week, while the Blog was in Budapest for ICIS training, there were continual adverts running on both mornings for DuPont. Most striking was this advert for the company’s solar technology, which is helping to power a sustainable city at Masdar in Abu Dhabi.  

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Chemical adverts #16: Plastic wrap for baby bundles

Wrapping babies in plastic? This picture in an old DuPont advert makes the Blog feel decidedly queasy, which is probably why reader Regan forwarded it on.   “I know how you love a good chemical related advert of yesteryear, even if maybe not so pc in today’s world,” he writes.

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Chemical adverts #15: Petrobras and Emerson

It’s been a bit quiet for chemical adverts lately, but then this one was spotted on Saturday on a screen at Heathrow Terminal 5 above the queues for security.   The launch of Petrobras Brazil’s largest petrochemical operation is the subject of the advert. More here.  

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Matt Bye percentage photo from Metro.JPG

Basic maths in business life

The lack of basic numeracy in advertising was the topic of outraged conversation on the sidelines of a workshop the Blog attended this morning.   A photo from today’s Metro was being passed round on a colleague’s iPhone to a general sucking of teeth and shaking of heads. Spot the error …  

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Naomi Campbell and Shell – vanished advert

Celebrities and chemicals – it’s hard to keep them apart. The Blog is indebted to a friend at Shell who recalled a memorable advert in which supermodel Naomi Campbell douses herself in Shell’s Helix lubricant oil. There are a few references online to this advert, in a Dutch newspaper and a Dutch treatise on communications, but all […]

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CoffeeFest at Taj.jpg

The whole world in a cup of coffee

I like this clever shot of the map of the world in a cup of coffee, advertising the Tea Lounge at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai – where Neil and I went for a break from the incredible heat of the city the day before last year’s APIC conference.   All the creative credits […]

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