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Chemical adverts #12 – Total at Monte Carlo Grand Prix

I came across this new advert for Total at Heathrow, showing a racing car against a backdrop of Monte Carlo yachts, a view which will be oh so familiar to EPCA-goers.  

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Top Chemical Adverts #11 BASF Chemistry

Chemistry creates good relationships among people, according to this new TV advert from BASF. Watch out for the cute wriggling sushi.  

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Top Creative Billboard Adverts

Two energy-related adverts were in this listing of The 13 Most Creative and Interesting Billboard Adverts on Monday. The first is a gasoline truck being filled up with Maker’s Mark whisky. The second is for Eskom in South Africa, asking consumers to conserve the country’s short supply of electricity.    photos: Streetlevel.com

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Shell and Ferraris

At the Shell building at Waterloo yesterday, I saw that the lobby facing the river was adorned with murals of red Ferraris.   Going on to the Shell website now, I see that the company describes its “Circuit” advert as a contender for one of the greatest motoring adverts of all time. It is a […]

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Enhanced Lego bricks for Santander

  Giant Lego bricks made of ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) are the star of banking group Santander’s latest advertising campaign, I saw on the Sky screen in the departures hall of London’s King’s Cross railway station this week.   The advert shows a bridge made from CGI red Lego stretching across a gorge so that […]

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Return of the Duracell Bunny

  The Duracell Bunny is back on TV screens, and the Blog is delighted to celebrate the return of this iconic energy-related advert (put the sound on.)  According to Duracell, the “NEW Power Bunny … has the same engaging personality, but is represented in a “herd of bunnies” coming together to form metaphors of power and […]

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Top Chemical Adverts #9 – Chevron Fighting HIV/AIDS

This full page advert for Chevron was in the FT on Wednesday: “12 reasons to celebrate World AIDS Day.”   The link is to the advert and various videos, of which “Fighting HIV/AIDS” is one.    More Top Chemical Adverts: No. 7 – Sasol rugby No. 6 – BP at Heathrow No. 5 – GEFO […]

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