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You can always rely on an air hostess

Itturns out that one of my colleagues is a trained flight attendant. She knowshow to deliver a baby, deal with drunks and passengers with flight-phobia, aswell as smile all day and put her hair up neatly. Iwas on the same flight with her only once, when we flew into Berlin together for EPCA, and her […]

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Chinese New Year in London

Seafoodhot and sour soup (two bowls), aromatic duck rolls, lobster with ginger onnoodles, wasabi king prawns, fish and asparagus, beef and mango … Dish followedcalorie-laden dish, the wine flowed and the Blog welcomed in the Year of theDragon in a manner which would be a major health risk if continued for morethan one night. Itwas […]

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Volcanic Ash – the Norse Saga Ends (for one ICIS traveller)

Our own Ed Cox of ICIS Heren staggers back into London on Monday, after leaving Norway on Friday evening, describing himself as “totally shattered”… Here is photographic evidence that one group of intrepid travellers had success amid all the volcanic chaos. The eight of us are seen arriving at Brussels Midi on Sunday night, ahead […]

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Keep Oil for Petrochemicals – Porritt

The volcanic ash aviation crisis shows that there are only two ways we should be using oil – in petrochemicals and in jet fuel, said Jonathon Porritt, UK veteran green campaigner in a debate on BBC’s PM programme, I heard on my car radio as I drove home this evening.   Porritt, founder and director […]

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Volcanic thoughts from Paradise

ICIS staffers are still stranded across Europe and the US, with others stuck in London and desperate to get back to the US. One editor has made it back to London from Spain by coach, but John B is somewhere between Rome and Paris on his way back from Athens with a carful of teenagers, […]

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First Class Flights – Eastbound Only

Some of the airlines most frequented by European petchem business travellers have decided to axe First Class on their services in and around Europe, according to this article in the Times which I read during the holidays.   Not that this is any great loss to most corporate middle-management travellers, who have never paid to […]

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Wedding Photos at Airport

Anyone with Asian connections will know all about the cult of pre-wedding photos in exotic and luxurious locations, but one couple has chosen to make theirs unique by having them taken at AirAsia’s low-cost terminal in Kuala Lumpur.     The Blog is full of admiration at this scoop by fellow blogger Barbara Cockburn on Flight, […]

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“I’m on the plane” – calling and texting in the air

The massed switching on of mobile phones as the plane lands may soon be a thing of the past. Travellers on Vodafone and Orange mobiles will be able to use them on aircraft within weeks, according to this article today. O2 and T-Mobile are already using OnAir, which provides mobile services to more than 20 airlines. Calls cost […]

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25 years of Virgin Atlantic

Sir Richard Branson of the Virgin Group is doing a guest editor stint today at ICIS’ sister publication Flight, and he tells us that Virgin Atlantic’s popular 25th anniversary ad is going to make a return to UK TV screens this week. The retrospective ad will be relaunched at half time during the England v Andorra match on Wednesday […]

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No ashtray, no flight

A story in today’s Times amusingly titled “No smoke without ire,” about a flight from Heathrow delayed in take-off due to a missing ashtray, reminded me of my own infuriating “Diary of a Flight to Amsterdam.” I bet the “unspecified piece of equipment” there was an ashtray too.

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