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In praise of the travel smock

Themulti-pocketed travel smock which looked so ridiculous when Janos modelled itin the office, is now getting mainstream media attention. “I’mnot going through security with you,” I told him when he showed it to me. “Youlook like a suicide bomber.” NowI read that the luggage restrictions on no-frills airlines have led to cannypassengers wearing as much […]

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How to survive no-frills flights

Bookingholiday flights on a no-frills airline is like an obstacle course. No soonerhave I finished congratulating myself on avoiding all the online extra charges,all the queuing, and all the airport stress hot spots, when the ground attendantgreets me with “Madam you have two pieces of luggage. You will have to payextra unless you can get […]

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The best of fellow travellers

The easiest of flying companions is my son. After years of student travel on bargain Megabus or Megatrain, the world of taxis and planes holds only relieved delight for him. When a succession of airline staff bid him good morning, he replies with a surprised smile, and he picks up a free newspaper with glee […]

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Fish foot spa at Edinburgh airport

Foot-nibbling fish are swimming hungrily in a green spa tank in the middle of the concourse at Edinburgh airport.   Foot-weary travellers can have the fish chew off all the dead skin on their feet, in full view of passers by, next to Gate 11 in departures.

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KLM Dakota at Edinburgh airport

A surprisingly old KLM Dakota propeller plane was taking off from Edinburgh airport on Thursday morning as the Blog family was passing through.   Later the local paper revealed that the Dutch airline was celebrating 65 years of flying to Scotland. The airline’s chief operating officer said, in a stirring statement of Scottish solidarity, that […]

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The business traveller’s workout

The idea of using suitcases as props for an airport workout is anathema to this Blog. Committed to the concept of travelling light and getting to a comfortable chair as quickly as possible, the Blog is appalled to read about:   The gorilla press – lifting a suitcase with both hands over your head then […]

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Snowglobes are not allowed on flights

“Snowglobes are not allowed on any flights,” according to a sign at security at departures in Houston IAH airport.   That’s all. Nothing about liquids, guns or explosives – just snowglobes.   It suggests that snowglobe incidents have been giving airline officials some trouble recently.   The Blog resisted taking a photo of the sign, […]

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How to lose that post-EPCA weight, by Caroline Murray

Caroline Murray, senior editor at ICIS, has returned from the GSI PET Day in Florence with this tale to tell …   I know when I have had a good networking session at EPCA when I am forced to add ‘hold belly in for donning of suit’ to the to-do list. As if ‘maintain appearance […]

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Cocaine & Acetone-made FIFA World Cup replica seized

A replica of the FIFA World Cup trophy, made of 11 kg cocaine mixed with acetone or gasoline, was seized at the international airport in Colombia, according to an article on CNN.   The 36 cm-tall statue was painted gold with green stripes on the base, but the paint was in such a ‘bad condition’ […]

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Midnight’s Children – Welcome to Mumbai

MUMBAI (Chemicals Confidential)–Mumbai on my first morning is by no means as chaotic as I’ve been led to expect. My passage through the airport at 1.00 am this morning was no worse than elsewhere, despite it being 30 deg C outside (in the middle of the night!) with no queue at passport control but a […]

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