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Art galleries and chemical plants No.1 – Amsterdam

For great art within a short distance of chemical plants, it’s hard to beat Amsterdam. Just a few kilometres from the chemical hubs of Rotterdam, Sittard and Antwerp, you can see:       (Photos from the Rijksmuseum website.)  

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Diary of a flight to Amsterdam Schipol

My friend Robert tells me that last Tuesday when most Londoners stayed home in the snow, the first person to arrive in his central London office for a meeting was a guy who’d come in from Paris by Eurostar. Ha ha, we guffaw, it’s easier to commute from Paris to London than from the suburbs […]

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Beer in plastics – is this the future?

Draught beer poured forth from a Carlsberg keg lined with a vacuum-packed plastic bag at a barbecue last weekend. I watched as the empty “DraughtMaster” keg was refilled with another plastic pouch after the thirsty guests had finished the first five litres. Is this a major advance in polymer technology? “Plastic beer bottles are the […]

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