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seals at seal sands BBC.jpg

Seal Sands has real seals

Seal Sands, famous for its chemical storage tanks on the UK’s east coast, is full of seals, the Blog hears from hairdresser Michael (47) in an unexpected departure from the traditional hairdressing topics of holidays, local scandal and hair.   He is telling me about dolphin and whale watching in Spain, when he drops into […]

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Happy Year of the Rabbit

The Blog has received its first Lunar New Year e-greetings card, welcoming the Year of the Rabbit on 3-4 February 2011.   “Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Xin Nian Kuay Ler!” says the card from my shipbroker friend Mark S.   “May the Rabbit fulfil your desires and bring your dreams closer.”   An excellent sentiment, […]

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dog washing machine.jpg

Dog washing machine launched in Japan

A dog washing machine called the Joyful Honda, which automatically cleans and grooms a dog in 30 minutes for only $10, has been launched in Japan, I spotted in this week’s Private Eye (If you click through here, you can also see a witty cartoon entitled “BP boss reassures world”, which I cannot print here […]

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Springtime for Chemicals

I’ve been away for a few days of well-timed holiday, basking in the sun of the long-awaited English spring. Meanwhile, a few chemical-related headlines caught my eye …   Chemicals on the iPad I can’t wait to see this. The Times reviewer of the iPad writes: “My favourite app … is The Elements for iPad, […]

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cat like porshey.jpg

Ethanol comes to cat owners’ rescue

ICIS polymers senior editor, Linda Naylor writes about her recent relocation from London to Paris …   The thought of our looming journey between London and Paris with the cat in tow filled me with dread. I imagined hours of endless miaowing and wailing emanating from the cat’s travelling cage in the back of the car, but […]

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blue rat university of rochester.jpg

Chemical to make you feel blue

A food dye known as Brilliant Blue G (BBG) could offer an effective treatment to people with spinal cord injuries, but with the unfortunate side-effect of turning them blue, according to research at the University of Rochester in New York. The chemical was originally derived from coal tar, but is now made from an oil […]

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Siberian chipmunk photo Rex.jpg

Diseased chipmunks massing in Paris

Petchem employees in France and Belgium, including ICIS’s own Paris-based senior editor Linda Naylor, are on the look-out for thousands of diseased chipmunks, which have been found living in the French capital. An estimated 100,000 Siberian Chipmunks are living in northern France and thriving in the good summer weather, according to this article on Yahoo […]

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animals on the underground.jpg

Animals on the Underground

Chemical business travellers in London can use these “Animals on the Underground” to while away the time on the train.   Metro newspaper ran a competition to find out how many animals their readers thought had been spotted on the map, and it turned out to be 23. The Animals website is now so popular it receives over […]

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Chemical engineers develop training programme for cats

Chemical engineers in the US have developed a training programme for cats, as shown in this video clip which my friend Dan Blank at RB Interactive in the States has been kind enough to forward.   Using the procedures and techniques of the engineer, as well as the classic garb of safety goggles and mitts, […]

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baby alpaca Nerissa.jpg

Plastic coat for baby alpaca

Newborn alpaca (aka cria) Nerissa has her photo in the Times newspaper (no photo in the online article) today in this fetching waterproof plastic coat.   Her owner, Jenny MacHarg tells the Blog that,“Nerissa has lots of different coats and they seem to be made of a very similar material to a waterproof jacket that […]

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