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The Blog celebrates 3 triumphant years

It’s 24 September and you know what that means. Happy 3rd Birthday to the Blog!   I can hardly believe I’ve got away with it this long.   That’s a total of 976 postings.   If I had devoted that much early morning time to something useful like learning Mandarin or getting a flat stomach, I’d […]

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Den Hartogh road movie

“Come sunshine, snow or rain – the wheels keep rolling on forever.”   It’s a road movie celebrating the nobility of the long-distance chemical trucker and the 90th birthday of Den Hartogh Logistics, complete with heart-tugging vocals.   “To experience the ultimate emotion, we recommend listening to the song and music,” says the email today […]

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The Blog is 2 Years Old

The ICIS Chemicals Confidential blog is two years old today. Like many difficult toddlers hitting the Terrible Twos, it is now moving into the difficult phase for blogs, where many just give up.   So many links to postings on other sites lead to defunct blogs, where the blogger just ran out of enthusiasm after […]

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