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Images to remember – Aromatics Conference 2011

At my table at lunch on Wednesday we were discussing a particular slide in a presentation that morning. One delegate said that a year on, that would be the one thing we would remember of the conference.   It is true that visual images have an enduring quality, and that is what makes them so […]

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Petchems are the good guys – Aromatics Conference 2011

The need to educate the public more about the benefits of petchem products to the environment came up time and again during the Aromatics Conference, both in speakers’ presentations and in questions from the floor.   Answering a question from Piet V, Patrick Thomas said the public’s perception of plastics was dominated by the issue […]

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Fog disrupts flights to Amsterdam for Aromatics Conference

“Flights on KLM are particularly disrupted.” That was the most discouraging part of the 7.00 am news item on fogbound Heathrow.   “Our flight is cancelled,” Helena texts me at 7.15 am.   Nevertheless we set off the airport, ever hopeful. There is no answer from our travel agent’s emergency hotline. I am not sure […]

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Voting “too tight to call” for Aromatics 2011 venue

Will the Aromatics 2011 conference be in Amsterdam or Prague?   Voting is “too tight to call,” Michelle in our conference team emails me this afternoon.   It’s 18 for Amsterdam, and 17 for Prague, with 2 selecting “no preference.”   In the end we had to discard the suggestion from one of last year’s […]

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Aromatics Conference heads for warmer climates

These are the responses to the question “Where would you like to see future European Aromatics & Derivatives conferences held?” as posed to delegates on the conference feedback form two weeks ago.   You’ve got to admire the guy who wrote “Hawaii.” Not penned in by traditional concepts of Europe. That’s real thinking outside the […]

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Berlin, Berlin and more Berlin

Heavy security at the Berlin airports on account of the terrorist alert caused some delays on arrival for delegates travelling to the ICIS Aromatics Conference, and the closure of the Reichstag on Monday prevented at least one attendee from completing a pre-conference tour.   Undeterred by the cold and the rain, delegates were able to […]

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Conference gossip shhhhh

Never one to sink to gossip and trivia itself, the Blog couldn’t help but overhear a few choice titbits at the Aromatics Conference:   One well-known trader, currently resting between jobs after an Asian holiday, is about to join (in January) another trading house, the name of which is apparently common knowledge around the business. […]

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Reflections on the Aromatics Conference 2010, Berlin

Sitting again in the Segafredo café in Berlin Tegel departure lounge, I can see my two articles from this morning have gone up on the website, and there’s time to reflect on the Aromatics Conference…   It really was the best speaker line-up ever, and one we’ll never be able to repeat.   I enjoyed […]

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Russian Polymers Summit versus Aromatics Conference – East v West

The Blog observed some key differences between east European and west European ICIS petchem conferences, while sitting quietly in the audience at last week’s ICIS-MRC Russian Polymers Summit in Moscow.   1 East: Loads of very direct questions from the floor, even complaints and personal digs. West: A small number of courteous questions couched in […]

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Earlybird discount off Aromatics Conference

I’ve been away for a few days but I see that in my absence the first mailing has gone out for the 9th European Aromatics & Derivatives Conference, encouraging folk to sign up for the earlybird discount of €146 per delegate off the standard fee.   Early registration fee (booking on or before 3rd September 2010) €749 + […]

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