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Ashok Kishore to head Trammochem trading

In a surprise move which rates very highly in the realms of Blog gossip and has set all the yahoo messenger screens buzzing, petrochemical trader Trammochem announced today that Ashok Kishore – well-known trader in aromatics – would “assume the responsibility of Trammochem’s worldwide trading activities”.

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Asian Aromatics – Peter’s “Letter from Bangkok”

Peter Salisbury in Bangkok on the trail of Asian aromatics sends his “Letter from Bangkok”… Call me cliched, but Thailand is a great place to hold a conference on the petrochemical industry in Asia. A fantastic mix of the ultra-modern and the ancient, Land Cruisers glide past tuk-tuk taxis, and a multitude of street vendors sell delicious snacks outside gigantic shopping complexes spilling over to the brim with the latest in consumer electronics. We are in Bangkok for the 4th Asian Aromatics and Derivatives conference, chaired by old ICIS friends, International Echem’s John and Paul, with the former enthusiastically taking to cultural integration on our first night, joining in with some Thai dancers (by invitation, I hasten to add) at dinner.

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Valentine’s Special from benzene brokers Excalibur

The Blog is excited to hear from new brokers Excalibur

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Kent and Wietse setting up new aromatics brokerage

We heard on Friday that the Rotterdam aromatics broking team of Kent Hurst and Wietse Noorlander at Star Supply had quit to start up on their own. It seems they are on three months’ gardening leave until they can start up their business. In the meantime, Star Supply has no aromatics brokers, according to two […]

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A Chemical Romance

Wedding bells were ringing in Houston on Saturday, as our senior editor Heather celebrated her marriage in front of an audience including many of her ICIS friends. Her wedding website tells the story of how she met her husband-to-be when she went to interview him for an article. Reading that put me in mind of […]

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