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ART: Hockney’s Landscapes

Yorkshire’sglorious green countryside is celebrated in the new Hockney exhibition at London’s Royal Academy. On huge canvasespieced together, he depicts woodland scenes at different times of day, and indifferent seasons. Despitethe heaving throngs in the galleries, and the constraints of a timed slot forthe visit, the David Hockney RA: A Bigger Picture” exhibition is bright […]

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Aldisierung = Walmart Effect

Aldi, the low-priced supermarket range,has inspired an “I love Aldi” exhibition including puppets made out of recycledplastic packaging at a German art museum, according to an article in the Timestoday. The exhibition, at the Wilhelm HackMuseum in BASF’s home town of Ludwigshafen-am-Rhein, features art made out offood and plastics packaging, including the puppets made out […]

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antarctica or a plastic bag.jpg

Antarctica or a plastic bag?

As thedebate about banning single-use plastic bags rages on, these photos celebratethe inner beauty of plastic bags, comparing them to the view from a cavern inAntarctica, onManMadeDIY.com, a blog about “creativity and the handmade life for thepostmodern male.” There aremore suggestions for beautiful artefacts made from recycled plastic cups, or melted plastic soldiers.

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tate romantics exhibition.jpg

BP and the Romantics – Oil company sponsors arts

  Complaints about BP being allowed to sponsor the arts seem to have disappeared in an oily haze. In fact the whole subject has gone dead.   It’s another win-win arts sponsorship deal for BP and Tate Britain‘s current “Romantics” exhibition. BP gets the exposure as a philanthropical organisation, and London gets a world-class nine-room […]

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tate britain.jpg

BP, Shell arts sponsorship questioned – Greenpeace

Oil companies such as BP and Shell are important sponsors of the arts in London, including theatre, opera and the visual arts. There was a lively debate on BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme this morning about whether oil companies were cynically using the arts to give themselves social legitimacy.   Tate Britain will be celebrating […]

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extreme oil.jpg

Extreme Oil – Vote for Best Magazine Cover

The “Extreme Oil” cover of ICIS’s sister publication, New Scientist, has made it onto the Maggies shortlist – a national poll that celebrates the UK‘s best magazine covers.   The cover in question was designed by art editor Craig Mackie for New Scientist’s 5 December 2009 edition, which led with a feature about the extraordinary […]

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pavement artist Ben Wilson BBC.jpg

Royal Society of Chemistry tracks down gum artist

SAN ANTONIO (Chemicals Confidential)–Chemistry academics have scoured London to offer work to a man who paints tiny pictures on discarded chewing gum, according to a BBC News article which Lara has sent to the Blog on the Saturday morning of NPRA.   Clearly not sharing the Blog’s distaste for chewing gum, the UK’s Royal Society […]

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Best of Vinyl 2009 – Winner Announced

The winner of the “Best of Vinyl” competition was announced today on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme, I heard as I drove through the frosty London landscape.   The Art Vinyl competition is to celebrate the art of album covers (strangely enough not the achievements of the PVC industry) – an art which still survives […]

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epca Day_2_EPCA_002.jpg

Two Stuart Goldsmiths, Two John Richardsons

I had to laugh yesterday when I saw a leaflet for a local stand-up comedy gig starring an up-and-coming comedian called Stuart Goldsmith. Just why it should be so amusing to picture olefins trader Stuart Goldsmith as a stand-up comedian is hard to explain to those readers who don’t know him.   I remember being […]

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anish kapoor royal academy.jpg

Anish Kapoor Waxen Edifice

Readers of the ICIS weekly Paraffin Wax (Europe) report will be flocking to see a new sculpture in London‘s Royal Academy of Arts (RA).   A 20-tonne slab of crimson wax on a train track that squelches through the doorways of the RA, leaving a residue of goo in its wake, is the star piece […]

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