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Chemical adverts #16: Plastic wrap for baby bundles

Wrapping babies in plastic? This picture in an old DuPont advert makes the Blog feel decidedly queasy, which is probably why reader Regan forwarded it on.   “I know how you love a good chemical related advert of yesteryear, even if maybe not so pc in today’s world,” he writes.

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T25 supermini car made from recycled plastic bottles

Clive was pushing his baby daughter past the vegetable counter when I bumped into him at the weekend. I didn’t know he’d had a baby. “Yes,” he said. “The baby was born in the car on the way to Kingston hospital. It was in the local papers.” Clive used to work at ICIS, and we […]

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Top Chemical Adverts #9 – Chevron Fighting HIV/AIDS

This full page advert for Chevron was in the FT on Wednesday: “12 reasons to celebrate World AIDS Day.”   The link is to the advert and various videos, of which “Fighting HIV/AIDS” is one.    More Top Chemical Adverts: No. 7 – Sasol rugby No. 6 – BP at Heathrow No. 5 – GEFO […]

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Olefins trader celebrates triplets birth

A big hearty round of congratulations goes out to Heinz Inhester of Ruhrpetrol who tells us that yesterday he became the grandfather of triplets. “It’s been an interesting week. And it’s certainly more interesting than propylene,” he told our Nel Weddle when she called to talk to him about the olefins market.   More Chemical Babies […]

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Baby’s plastic bottle that heats itself

Here’s another crafty way for babies to get themselves out and about with their parents. Ideal for car journeys and trips to restaurants, the Iiamo Go self-heating baby bottle has disposable heating cartridges and claims to heat milk to 37 degrees C, body temperature, in four minutes. Its Danish designers say in an announcement today […]

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A celebration of new life

It’s Spring, and the petrochemical industry’s thoughts have turned to …. babies. From the fertile loins of the industry come babies in droves. The Blog’s inbox is constantly on the verge of crashing from the weight of baby photo attachments. The new crop is here.                     […]

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