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Manchester United flexes the plastic thanks to Park Ji Sung

Manchester United footballer Park Ji Sung has been a great commercial success for the club, aside from his sporting prowess, since his megastar status in South Korea has helped them sell 1.2 million credit and debit cards there in the past three years, according to a pull-out newspaper supplement celebrating tomorrow’s Manchester United vs Barcelona European […]

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More Rainy Weekends

It’s no comfort in this washout summer to read that it’s more likely to rain at weekends than in the week. Apparently man-made pollution during the week helps form clouds, resulting in extra rain at the weekends in summer, according to this article today in New Scientist. Researchers in Barcelona took 40 years of weather data and found that although the rain in Spain falls mainly at the weekend in summer, it is the other way round in winter.

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EPCA to abandon Monaco?

The European Petrochemical Association (EPCA) June newsletter dropped into the Blog inbox today, with early news of the annual meeting in Monaco at the end of September.
Already the jaded old hands in the European industry are complaining that they don’t want to go back to Monaco again. “It’s so expensive, it’s so fake, and you can never get a taxi, particularly when it rains, ” one producer told the Blog at last week’s EPL in Lisbon.
Suggestions for alternative venues have been flooding in to ICIS Chemicals Confidential. The shipping contingent is still plugging Barcelona. My fellow blogger Chloe Berman on Travel Weekly has found some perfect alternative destinations, not all of them in Europe, but all worthy of serious consideration: Santorini, Oman, Dallas, Seychelles …. and all of them with “the most luxurious swimming pools on earth”.

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