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Botched cosmetic surgery used BaseOils

an Argentinian conman Dr Daniel Serrano has been persuading youth-obsessed celebs to have low grade silicone similar to car lubricant injected into their faces. Not only was it not the superior form of Botox he claimed it to be, but alleged victims such as Priscilla Presley are now having to get the damage rectified.

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Loud networking at Base Oils ’08 in London

It’s Day One of the ICIS Base Oils conference in London, and this is one mega-conference. It’s grown from 100 to 400 delegates, out-growing its various homes along the way and now filling the grand ballroom at the Hilton on Park Lane. What I specially like about this crowd is that they make no secret of the fact that they want to spend these two days doing some heavy networking.

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New York, New York – Tips for Baseoils and NECA

It’s winter in New York City and the snow will be falling, the lights sparkling in the trees, and the ICIS Pan-American Baseoils Conference will return for its regular winter gig in New York City. This year it moves from the New Jersey shoreline overlooking the city back into Manhattan at the New York Marriott […]

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