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Chemistry – a brand problem but all the beauty in the world

A blue plaque celebrating the life and work of the Nobel prize-winning chemist Sir William Ramsay was unveiled in London’s Notting Hill on Wednesday, as part of a series of events marking the International Year of Chemistry, I heard on Radio 4′s Today programme as I drove to work in the morning. Hugh Aldersey-Williams, writer […]

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All Our Working Lives

Our own Nigel Davis, chemical insight editor at ICIS, is credited as an advisor on BBC4′s documentary series, All Our Working Lives, which examines the economic and industrial transformation that Britain has undergone since the early Eighties.   The chemical industry episode from the original series (1984) has been updated, with Nigel’s help, with a […]

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BP, Shell arts sponsorship questioned – Greenpeace

Oil companies such as BP and Shell are important sponsors of the arts in London, including theatre, opera and the visual arts. There was a lively debate on BBC Radio 4′s Today Programme this morning about whether oil companies were cynically using the arts to give themselves social legitimacy.   Tate Britain will be celebrating […]

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Peak Oil will be $150-200/barrel in next 5 years – Arup

Oil will peak at $150-200/barrel in the next five years, said John Miles, global leader for energy resources and industry at consulting engineers Arup, on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning.   Representing the findings of a group of business leaders calling for urgent action to prepare the UK for peak oil, he claimed […]

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BP’s Tony Hayward predicts crude oil prices

BP’s chief executive Tony Hayward was on BBC Radio 4′s Today programme this morning as I drove through Worcester Park. Apparently he doesn’t often give interviews, so he was given a long slot in which he talked about the need to take global warming seriously, how he was in favour of offshore wind farms, and […]

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Polystyrene Wedding Cake

I absolutely love this article about a newlywed couple finding out that their wedding cake was made of polystyrene, which Stuart spotted on the BBC news website today. Since everyone is usually too full to manage more sweet food at the end of a wedding reception, and the concept of the cake is more ceremonial […]

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Smart clothes will take your photo

Clothes that take photos could soon be helping with the age-old problem of remembering people you meet at conferences.   A US research team has made a smart fabric that can detect the wavelength and direction of light falling on it, and could one day lead to clothes taking photos of everything around the wearer, […]

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New entry for periodic table

  A new element will soon be added to the periodic table, according to this article today on BBC news and forwarded to the Blog by ICB reporter, Mark Watts.

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No-fertilizer heaviest potato found in Lebanon

My colleague Steve Mitchell, expert on all things pertaining to fertilizer, shows me this BBC article on a massive potato grown in Lebanon. “Imagine how large it would’ve been if they had used fertilizer,” he says. Click here for more blog potato information.

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Return of the Triffids

Oil producing plants ravage the earth, killing humans with a lethal whipping sting. I re-read “Day of the Triffids” quite recently and it is a good book - easy to read, and fast-paced.    I don’t think I saw the 1962 movie, but the 1981 Australian-made TV series was shown again last year, with all the […]

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